Marstudio | Newsletter | March 28, 2019
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Design Update


The Dos and Don'ts of Mobile Sites

Here's what makes an effective mobile site.

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days—and all those people are using their phones to browse the Internet. That's why you need a design that's both mobile friendly and highly effective.

Find out more by reading our post: How Mobile Friendly Is Your Website Design? 

Digital Media Update


Videos: The Tool Your Site Needs

Don't have videos on your site? Here's why you should.

Websites are an integral asset for any company, providing greater exposure with increased convenience. What most people don't know, however, is that videos on sites can be great SEO boosters.

Learn more about Using Videos to Boost Your SEO Rank, for higher traffic and increased engagement on your website.

Studio Update


The Other Side of Marstudio

BLACKWATER Promotions Corporate Film & Photography, to be exact.

Interested in producing new videos for your website? Our videographers at BLACKWATER have been hard at work, embarking on several exciting new corporate film and photography projects. 

See what they've been up to lately on the BLACKWATER Promotions Blog.
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