Marstudio | Newsletter | March 29th, 2018
Marstudio, Inc.

Design Update

Sam R. Creative Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Open Up Your Eyes & See the Sign

When you have the right signs, your customers will follow them.  

The dominance of the digital era should not have you overlooking your brick and mortar space, especially its contribution to your marketing.

In our newest blog post, Follow the Signs and Your Customers Will Too, I'll explain the importance of good signage on your physical storefront, and what pieces it needs to be effective. 

Digital Media Update

Annie K. Media Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Speaking Marketing 101

This is like the formula sheet you made for your exam, but with better design.

As a marketing firm, we realize it can be confusing when we "speak marketing," so we're making cheat sheets to help you understand key words in the "marketing language."

Check out our Marstudio Marketing Vocab Cheat Sheet for the first installment of vocab, focused on Web Development, and take a step on your journey toward marketing fluency.

Studio Update

Nothing Still About This Distillery

Our recent work in the OBX was a story that needed to be told.

BLACKWATER Promotions, our film & photography division, recently had the pleasure of shooting a video for one of the fastest growing distilleries in America, and the experience was one for the books (or in this case, blog).

In our blog post on the OBX Distillery, we explain how we created a story about the craft of rum making at the OBX Distillery, and captured their dedication to detail and commitment to the craft. 
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