Marstudio | Newsletter | September 28th, 2018
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Design Update


Shot Taker, Brand Maker

Believe it or not, photography and brand go hand in hand. But how?

Even in today’s world of Instagram filters, we generally think of photography as a true record of events and people. Although photos can be edited and adjusted, it's easy to forget that photography, especially photography done for marketing or advertising purposes, can be used to tell a carefully constructed story. This is a mistake.

Photography, just as much as words or a logo, is part of the story you tell about your brand. See what elements we consider when customizing a brand&# 39;s photography to the brand, in our newest BLACKWATER Promotions blog post, Creating Photography That Fits Your Brand.

Digital Media Update


Getting Guaranteed by Google

Sometimes an external endorsement is the best form of marketing.

As a business, you can tell your customers how great you are. Your past customers can also tell future customers how they feel about you, with testimonials and online reviews. But will they believe it? 

Within the past year, Google has introduced a new feature for companies who offer certain types of home services. Their stamp of trust is called the "Google Guarantee." If you qualify, and if customers book your services through a Google ad, then Google will offer a refund to anyone who isn't satisfied – making new customers more likely to give your services a try. 

The signup process requires a background check and license information, but we're here to walk you through each step. Contact Marstudio to learn how we can help you get guaranteed!

Studio Update


Business Community Development

How can marketing be a tool for business & community development? 

Marstudio was started on the idea of helping build businesses to reach new levels of success. Understanding this philosophy, through our CEO Shevy Shafie, Marstudio has partnered with Rebuilding Together Montgomery County to do just that.

Find out how this perfect relationship came to be – and how Montgomery County, Rebuilding Together, and Marstudio will all benefit from it – in our newest blog post, Business Development Through Community Development
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