Marstudio | Newsletter | April 30, 2019
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Design Update

To Free or Not to Free?

Free trial marketing comes with pros and cons.

Trial offers can be extremely effective marketing tools when used right, but how do you know if this is the right marketing for your brand?

Find out more by reading our post The Need for Free: Pros and Cons of Trial Offers.

Digital Media Update


WordPress and Your Website

Here's why you should consider using WordPress for your company's website.

As a business in the modern age, you already know that websites are a necessity. WordPress isn't just an effective platform for websites, it's a top choice.

Learn more about The Benefit of Using WordPress for Your Business’ Website.

Studio Update


'Tis the Season

For April Fools' jokes, that is...

This year, Marstudio took the opportunity to share a little April Fools' joke of our own – and also explained the benefits of April Fools' marketing.

Check out the post on April Fools' Marketing and How to Use It.
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