4 easy to implement action steps to ensure a great summer camp theater program. 
Bright Ideas for Camp Theater
Producing a play at camp can be a daunting experience.  Out of camp trips, inter-camp sports and specialty programming can provide unforeseen conflicts when plotting an already tight rehearsal schedule.  That’s why it is so important to keep your staging simple and expectations clear. Follow these key fundamentals to ensure a steady foundation for a great play:
Face the audience, project and articulate
An actor must be seen and heard onstage! Practice facing out, keep blocking simple, start rehearsals with tongue twisters, and have campers project by sitting in the back of the performance space during rehearsals. 
Put the story first
Ask someone unfamiliar with the show to observe rehearsal and see if they understand the plot.  Consider including a narrator to fill in any confusing pieces.  Introduce the play before curtain by providing a brief overview of the story. A camp attention span is about 40 minutes.  Cut your play down!
Develop a character
Campers should develop a unique voice, body, and personality onstage. They should move differently, have different voices, and have different opinions and views from how they behave offstage.  Encourage bold choices and conduct character interviews. There are no wrong choices in theater!
Stay in character and ignore the audience
It can be easy for campers to forget the fourth wall and look out at their bunkmates during the show. Planning for what breaks concentration is the difference between an amateur and professional production.  Run warm ups where kids are challenged to stay in character and announce to the audience before the show that they should be respectful.
Check out our video: Educational Theater Basics

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Artist Spotlight
Julianna Rusakiewicz is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, receiving her MFA in Theatre. Growing up a dancer, then shifting to classical theater in college, she has had experience as a performer,director, and designer. Her experience in theatre is well rounded as she has worked in regional houses and off-off-Broadway venues. In her undergraduate studies, she received the award for best production of the year for her direction of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Julianna joins the staff at Capital Camps directing West Side Story this summer!
Julianna Headshot
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