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Volume 34  Issue 9
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Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Greetings From the President

President Tracey Edwards

Hello Ladies,

We did it! We had our first, but not our last, Martinis & Merriment event and it was Brilliant!! Many of our members passed on the wonderful comments from our guests. They loved the comedians, the band, the food, the drink and the location.  We may have even picked up a few new members!

This event would not have been successful without our Event Chair, President-Elect Diana Holcomb. And, I know she is very grateful for all of the help from her committee members gearing up for the event, as well as everyone who came to work the day of the event. Thank you to everyone who had a part in making it a smashing success

Every time we do something, it gives us an opportunity to do it better the next time. I hope everyone is working on their notes to share with Diana so we learn and move forward.

Thank you to Phyllis and her Live Your Dream committee! The meeting went very well and the women were most deserving. One idea for next year is to have the women share how they are going forward, rather than focusing on where they've been. Have them discuss their Dreams, rather than their nightmares.

This month we are responsible for hosting the Taste of Soroptimist/ Soroptimist in the City. Thank you to Annajean for spearheading this. Please let Annajean know that you'd like to help so we can have two smashing successes this year!

Carrie Baierlein of the EG City Youth Commission would like us to make a Stop Teen Dating Violence presentation to the Youth Commission; she will let me know the date and I will share that with you. It's great to be involved with the youth in our own community.

Thank you.  I have really enjoyed being a part of this group! 

 Tracey Edwards


Greetings From The President
April Program Meeting Signups
Save The Dates - Calendar of Events
2nd Wednesday Lunch

April Program Speaker
April Birthdays
Member Profile

Live Your Dream Winners
Out 'N About
SIEG Fundraiser Update
A Pinch of S.O.L.T.
SIEG Committee Updates
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April Program Meeting Signups

Thank You to the following members who signed up to bring food & drink to the April Program meeting:

Coffee:     Peggy Ursin
Juice:       Peggy Ursin
Pastries:  Marie Wood
Treats:     Annajean Neill
Fruit:        Annajean Neill

Save The Dates - Calendar of Events

Apr 1 - Program Meeting, Camden Springs Theater room, 8476 Sheldon Road, EG , 7:30 a.m.
Apr 11 - Board Meeting, Amy White's business office, 9300 W. Stockton Blvd, Ste 103, EG.  916-6271494
Apr 13 - 2nd Wednesday Lunch, Macaroni Grill, 8295 Laguna Blvd, EG 11:30 a.m.
Apr 17 - Taste of Soroptimist -
1-3pm. Location: Old Sugar Mill @ Rendez-vous Winery. Reservations are $35.00.
Apr 21 - Business Meeting, Raley's Community Room, 4900 Elk Grove Blvd., EG  6:00 p.m.
May 6 - Program Meeting, Elk Grove Library, Corner of EG Blvd & EG-Florin Rd, EG  7:30 a.m. 
May 9 - Board Meeting: TBD
May 11 - 2nd Wednesday Lunch - Shriner's Hospital tour @ 10:00 a.m. and lunch @ 11:15.  Please let Marie know if you will be attending (916-685-1615) so she can make the appropriate arrangements.

In the Community
Apr 9 - Senior Center Pancake Breakfast, 8830 Sharkey Ave., EG.  8-10:00 a.m
Apr 9 - Walk to Remember Event. EG Park - Contact Betty Hall @ 916-531-0882 if you would like to volunteer for handling registration duties at the event.

Apr 19 - Elk Grove Chamber Mixer, Methodist Hospital, 7500 Hospital Dr, EG. 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Other community events can be found in the 
Town Planner

2nd Wednesday Lunch

Lunch time is April 13th - 11:30 am at: Macaroni Grill, 8295 Laguna Blvd, EG

Wear your Soroptimist Blue and/or name tag.
Remember, the more the merrier!  And, don’t forget to take a picture!

With 25 + years in the Financial Services Industry, I was very successful in helping people develop financial plans to meet their personal and financial goals. A fundamental component of any financial plan is  having money available in the event of a long term care event.
Now as a Long Term Care Specialist, I design Long Term Care plans that help people keep their hard earned savings and investment plans working for them in the way they intended and keep their financial independence.  I review each client’s objectives and design a comprehensive plan that is tailored to their unique needs and desires.


 April Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

12  Annajean Neill
14  Lorna Buechler
14  Tracey Edwards
25  Jane Morse
29  Ramona Johanneson


Member Profile - Jane Derr Morse

The formation of the original Soroptimist of Elk Grove club included a spunky individual named Jane Morse.  The original club was renamed Soroptimist of Rio Cosumnes in 1985 and then back to Soroptimist of Elk Grove in 2013. Jane has been a Soroptimist through all the changes.  This month of April is most fitting in which to profile Jane as she will be 95 years young on the 25th. 

Jane was born in Elk Grove in 1921 at the Denham maternity home.  She lived with her parents and brother Larry in several places in the very small town of Elk Grove, including Kent and Derr streets.  She went to high school and then on to Jr. College (now known as City College off Freeport).   In grammar school she and brother Larry would skate down Elk Grove Blvd.   Jane was a tap dancer all through school.  She liked sports (track) and was the fastest girl runner in Sacramento county!  She also loved tennis. She and Larry also sang on the Cousin Ruth children's show broadcast from Sacramento.  

After college she married Dave Morse in 1942 at the Elk Grove Methodist Church.  Dave was in the military and worked as a field instructor on airplanes.  Thus, they lived in several places, including Hobbs, New Mexico and Champaign, Illinois.    She tells a funny story about their trip from Elk Grove to New Mexico with several other couples and having four tire blowouts; this during a time when everything (including tires) were rationed.  She worked on the Air Force Base as a secretary and they took several trips to Chicago while in Illinois.

Prior to leaving Elk Grove, Jane worked at Derr Lumber Yard, but upon their return after the war, she went to work for a local wine company in Elk Grove.  She enjoyed the job as it was close to home and she was raising their three children.  She was the only woman working at the winery, which may explain her ability to tell a good joke and sing a few ditties.

Jane was a Charter member of the original Elk Grove Soroptimist club and joined after talking with the wife of her brother-in-law George Morse.  His wife had been a member of Soroptimist and spoke highly of the organization.  Jane has been a member ever since.  While on a trip to Hawaii she had the opportunity to meet with the local club and found them as friendly as her club in Elk Grove.

When asked what she liked best about the Soroptimist club, her reply was: "I like what the club does for people, especially women and children and the women are very friendly."

Here are a few tidbits of information that you may not know about Jane. 
She’s the mother of Scott, Sandy and Matt, and has a slew of grands and great-grands.  She likes to sing and tell limericks.  She and Dave danced for the first years with the Strauss Festival.   One of her pet projects in recent years has been the mapping of where the original families lived in “Old Elk Grove,” which was featured in a Citizen article some years ago   She took piano lessons as a girl in what is now the Boulevard Bistro   Her favorite singer is Perry Como and her care-giver has downloaded Perry's music to play for Jane in the car.  (How sweet is that)!

Jane is not as active as she once was, but loves to hear from her friends and looks forward to seeing the Soroptimist women soon.  

Happy Birthday Jane!


On Friday, March 4, 2016 we held our Program meeting
at the City Council Chambers. What a wonderful location for honoring our two awardees for our Live Your Dream Award: Patricia Brown and Kathryn Shotwell.

Each young lady shared with us her future plans and we are very proud to be able to contribute to help them reach their goals. Each awardee was given a check for $1000.00 and a flowering plant.

We wish them well in their future endeavors and plan to maintain our connection.


"Out 'n About"

Here are pictures of our members attending Soroptimist events, community events and having fun.
- Betty M, Mary L, Tracey & Genny attended the Chamber Mixer.
- Lorna, Lena, Annajean, Janet, Genny, Marie, Karin, MaryAnn, Sherry, Phyllis, Leigh, along with friends Sarah Aquitania and Sharon Warner gathered at Marie's house to put together the flags used at the Walk to Remember.
- Presenting the Live Your Dream award to
Patricia Brown and Kathryn Shotwell.


SIEG Fundraiser Update  - Diana Holcomb


Our first annual Martinis and Merriment was a huge success! Not only did we hit our budgeted mark on underwriting, but we also sold out 2 weeks before the event.  As of Betty's last numbers, we hit our projected net profit of $10,000.  In my 14 years of being a Soroptimist, I have never been involved with a fundraiser that went as smoothly as this one did- and it was our FIRST ONE!  Everyone I have talked to both at the event and after has commented on how much fun the night was. Next year will even be better.  We now have an excellent template on how to run the event, when to start planning and what kind of tweaks we can do to make it even more successful. 

For those of you not directly involved with the planning, the event was approved by the club in May of 2015.  My committee started meeting last October, and since then we have spent numerous hours in meetings, soliciting restaurants, underwriters, advertising, gathering raffle prizes, securing the event space, band, and comedians.  In order to do this, and to do it well, required the amazing, dedicated women on my committee.  THANK YOU so much to all of these wonderful ladies: Tracey, Amy, Sherry, Leslie, Betty Matsui, Genny, Diane, Peggy, Marie Wood, Phyllis, Kristine, Karin, Annajean, and Janet. And to all the members who helped the night of the event.  Also, a shout out to Mary Lewis for our advertising in the paper, Marilea for distributing our flyers, Betty Hall with raffle help, and Leigh and Lena for your advice.  I could not have done it without you!   
Great job ladies!


Enjoy these few photos from the event.
Event MC -Peggy Ursin, Club President - Tracey Edwards
A full house at the Falls Events Center.
A club photo after the event wrapped.
The wonderful Soroptimisters who are always willing to lend a hand.
The committee chair, Diana Holcomb, giving thanks.

A Pinch of S.O.L.T. 

Membership Resources

Here’s a quick link to an SIA Article on Team Building.  What better way to attract and keep new members, than to demonstrate how rewarding it can be to work together towards a common goal!  


Check it out.


Lane Parks, Secretary/Membership Chair
SIEG Committee Updates

Committee updates as of April 1, 2016:

Fundraising by Diana Holcomb
  • The team will hold a post-event meeting on Wednesday March 30th, to discuss the activities and how we can improve our event next year.
Membership by Annajean Neill
  • Planning is underway for the Soroptimist District 3 social event that our club will be hosting. Save the Date of April 17, 2016, 1-3pm. Location: Old Sugar Mill @ Rendez-vous Winery. Reservations are $35.00.
  • We continue to seek new members and received some interest from the M&M event which we will pursue.

Operations-Finance by Diane Hollingshead

There is no new information to report this month from operations but we will leave the March information available.

The following topics were discussed at the District III meeting and will be further discussed with the our membership; Club director and officer management liability insurance and Crime coverage insurance and fingerprinting (see below explanations).
  • Bylaws - At the recent District III meeting presentation it was noted there will be changes to the SIA and SNR By-laws.  As such SIEG will need to follow with a review of our club bylaws.
  • Insurance - At the recent District III meeting insurance was discussed. Management Liability commonly known as Directors and Officers Insurance for $250, or for the Region at $450 was recommended. Crime Coverage Insurance which addresses the office of Treasurer was also recommended.
  • Fingerprinting - At  the District III meeting it was reported that most clubs use LIVESCAN.  SIEG will need to find out if the EGUSD will release the paperwork to the individual's fingerprinted or if they keep the paperwork as their property.  If they don't release the forms to the applicant perhaps we need to use the UPS locations in EG for LIVESCAN. As a record for the club a designated member needs to see the form for verification but will not keep any copies of the individuals form.  It is recommended that the owner keep their own paperwork for safekeeping. NOTE:  More information regarding this issue will be sent out by Sharon Warner shortly.
Public Relations by Amy White
  • Our biggest task last month was of course, Martinis and Merriment! The sold-out event provided us with further opportunities to inform the public about who we are and what we do for our community. We want to thank all of you for helping at the event and by selling all those tickets! Congratulations on a very successful event!

Service by Sherry McLellan 
  • Two recent Helping Hands requests were received and approved.  One on February 24 for $250 and one on March 23 for $250.  This takes our original budget of $3,000 to a current balance of $1,331.
  • The Youth Commission fair that has historically been held in the spring is not being held this year. We will now need to determine another way to provide our Stop Teen Dating Violence information to the community. However, the Youth Commission Advisor has asked if we could make a presentation to them in the future.
  • We are continuing to gather information from our Peru contact so that we can continue with our recommendations for our international project to help volunteer efforts for destitute mountain children.
  • We want to implement a scholarship for a foster girl for next year.  We will need to develop a plan on what we need to do to accomplish this.

On The Web

Here are some quick links for when you’re wandering through the Web looking for interesting and informational tidbits!

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Please share with your editor when you find something interesting that your fellow members would benefit knowing about, whether a photo, a video, or blog. 

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SI Elk Grove Officers

Tracey Edwards - President
Diana Holcomb - President-Elect

Betty Matsui - Treasurer
Janet Brabender- Assistant Treasurer
Sherry McLellan - Recording Secretary
Leslie Konopinski - Corresponding Secretary
Phyllis Davis - Delegate
Open Position - Delegate
Diane Hollingshead - Club Ambassador
Peggy Ursin - Parliamentarian

Tracey Edwards & Kristine Smith - Newsletter Editors
Contributing editor - Peggy Ursin


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