SI Elk Grove's May 2017 Soropti-News
Volume 46  Issue 13
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Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Greetings From the President

President Tracey Edwards

Hello Members,

I'm still riding the high of our club receiving five Awards from the 41st Annual SNR Conference. It was so great to share that, not only with the members in attendance (District 3 Director Peggy Ursin, President-Elect Diana Holcomb, Treasurer Betty Matsui, and Delegate Florrie Oneto), but our members at home.

Thank you for your efforts that made it so easy for me to submit applications for these categories. SNR recognized your efforts this year: 2nd Place in the Celebrating Success Public Awareness Campaign, 2nd Place Social Media 5 Star Award, 1st Place Website 5 Star Award, 1st Place Newsletter Award, and 1st Place 5 Star Public Awareness Award. 

It was my honor to share our memories of Mary Lewis and Jane Morse during the Celebration of Life. I was able to hold it together until I finished; it helped to have four caring faces to focus on.

Delegate Florrie will be providing her thoughts as a first-time attendee. I, for one, was re-inspired to commit to our mission of helping women and girls. To hear the stories of the young women who will benefit from their Live Your Dream cash awards was saddening and then inspirational. 

I came back with ideas for DIBI and Foster Youth interactions. I'll be able to share them once I type up my notes.

The next 7 weeks will be fun! 

Tracey, Your President in Service

P.S. What hat will YOU bring to Conference next year? Ask one of the attending members for....the rest of the story.


Greetings From The President
SIEG Club Calendar of Events
SNR Conference Update

District III Update
Member Profile
May Birthdays
Out 'N About
SIEG Committee Updates
A Pinch of S.O.L.T.
Elk Grove Community Events

On The Web
SIEG Officers
Soroptimist Websites

Editor's Note

SIEG CLUB Calendar of Events - 2017

May 4 - Spotlight on Scholars Dinner prep/setup. Volunteers should arrive at the Creekside Christian Church, 8939 E. Stockton Blvd, EG. 10:00 am Help wrap and prepare flower centerpiece and set up tables with silverware, glassware, programs, etc.. President Tracy Edwards and President-Elect Diana Holcomb will attend the evening dinner.
May 4 - Big Day of Giving Prelude @ Project Ride   5-7pm
May 5 - Program Meeting @ Elk Grove Presbyterian Church, 8153 EG Blvd & Big Horn. EG 7:30am
  •  Program Speaker:  Nicolette Eberle, Long Term Care/Life Insurance
May 8 - Board Meeting -  Sherry McLellan’s Home, 3457 Heron Lake Lane, EG, Gate Code #018, EG , 6pm
May 10 - 2nd Wednesday Lunch - On the Border,
Marketplace 99 South, 9164 E Stockton Blvd, EG.  11:30am
May 18 - Business Meeting, @ Dignity Health Conference Room
,  EG  6:30 pm.
This will be an important meeting as the club will be voting on new officers and annual donation recommendations. Mark your calendar and plan to attend if at all possible.

June 12 - Combined Board Meeting, TBD  6pm.
June 25 - Cars & Coffee, @ Strikes, 3443 Laguna Blvd, EG. SIEG Helpers:  Genny Fulp, Betty Matsui. Karin Lindner, and Tracey Edwards .

SNR Conference Update

by: Florence Oneto, Delegate

What If? was the theme for the 41st annual SNR Conference.  What If? we didn't do the meetings and the fundraisers that help us plan our service and giving to the community?  What would the world be like? Governor Vicki Watson challenged us to think about how our work creates change in our communities and to be inspired to continue to grow and create and reach out. 
What If? we didn't go?  We would have missed the fun, the presentations, the opportunity to vote on the proposed amendments to the Fiscal Standing Rules,the epic Lip Sync Battle, the Live Your Dream presentations, and the awards!  So many SIEG club awards!
Here are the highlights...
  • Total attendance of 297 with awardees and guests - 263 members in attendance
  • SIEG Delegation:
    • Tracey Edwards, President and Delegate
    • Florence Oneto, Delegate
    • Diana Holcomb, President-elect and Delegate
    • Betty Matsui, Treasurer
  • Our very own Peggy Ursin was a part of the awesome conference team as District 3 Director
  • #GrowSoroptimist on Facebook - many clubs got in the spirit and posted pictures from throughout the conference!  Tracey is already dreaming about how she can get the most likes and shares next year!
  • Trafficking/Community Collaboration Presentation - This was an interactive presentation, exploring the myths and realities of trafficking.  We were challenged to share how we think about trafficking and compare that with what the research shows.  Betty Matsui writes, "I was excited to attend the "Trafficking/Community Collaboration session. When we were asked the question if we thought the girls went willingly to the person trafficking them.  Many in our group said, "YES".  A Soroptimist member/Judge disagreed citing that the young girls don't have the capacity to understand the consequences of their actions. If they are preyed upon then they should be considered "unwilling" participants."
  • Lip Sync Battle - Friday night ended with a raucous display by many groups.  Lots of laughs!
  • Election of District Nominating Committee members - District 3 elected Sharon Warner, SI Placerville!
  • Amendments to the Fiscal Standing Rules:  The delegation passed the following motions...
    • The following statements will be inserted into Section 1 as Article B: The Board may assess a conference registration fee annually, not to exceed $50.00 per member registrant prior to the Call to Conference.  Any exceptions shall be approved by the governor.  (The motion allows a registration fee but does not require one.  This is a safeguard in the event the Region cannot garnish sponsors to cover the extra expenses such as name tags, printing of conference brochures and handouts, etc.  The intent of the Region officers is to continue to pursue sponsors.  The exceptions the governor would approve are requests to waive the registration fee for a member registrant due to hardship or other compelling reason.)
    • The following text will be inserted into Article C so that Article C reads: The cost of economy class air travel, or auto travel at 25 cents per mile, whichever is less, shall be allowed for attendees whose expenses are paid, as per SNR Procedures and Policies.
  • Awards:  SI Elk Grove made an awesome showing!  Lots of buzz and many compliments from the delegation... Congratulations to all for the hard work and dedication that made the awards possible!
    • Newsletter 5 Star Award - 1st Place (Woo! Hoo! Kristine!)
    • Website 5 Star Award - 1st Place (Way to Go, Tracey!)
    • 5 Star Public Awareness Award - 1st Place (This was the all around public awareness award!)
    • Social Media 5 Star Award - 2nd Place
    • Public Awareness Campaign - 2nd Place
  • Live Your Dream Awards:  Very genuine and touching presentations by the recipients
  • Guest speakers were engaging and inspiring!
    • Sharon Lacey, comedian and motivational speaker got us laughing and thinking about how we spend our time.  She wrote the book, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dementia:  A Stand Up Comedian's Race Against Time.
    • Shirlee Draper, former Live Your Dream recipient and former member of the patriarchal and polygamous sect, the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) shared her journey to empowerment and how she is giving hope and opportunity to women and children leaving the sect.
There were so many big and little moments, connecting with other Soroptimists from around the Region, learning about how other clubs are fundraising and how they are reaching out to support women and girls in their communities.  Just the process of going through all the business items on Saturday was a wonderful education for me as a first time delegate.
It was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of conference and to experience it with our distinguished delegation.  I highly recommend the experience!

Check the SNR E-blast for all of the SNR Conference details, including all the award winners across the Region
Photo array:
Awards received; what an honor!
Storyboard of our club projects.
On the road and all cleaned up.
Getting down to business at conference.
District III Update
by Peggy Ursin

Each of the nine clubs in District 3 had representatives at the recent Sierra Nevada Region Conference – yay!  Each club president, or a designee, marched into the banquet hall on Saturday night to lively music and the applause of hundreds of other Soroptimists.  There were a dozen club display boards posted, and SIEG was the only one with a thematic table drape – yay again!  The displays are a terrific way to show others what a club does, their focus causes, and most importantly, the FUN stuff!
For this coming year, we have agreed to join as a District to share and review all Live Your Dream applications.  That will eliminate the problem of women applying to more than one club, of clubs not having any applicants at all, and also support opportunities for sharing those amazing applications that don’t get awarded because a club cannot fund every great candidate.
The Fall District Meeting will be hosted by SI Placerville this year, on a Saturday in either September or October, exact date still to be determined.  With six districts in the region, and Governor Vicki attending every Fall meeting, we can’t double up on dates! 
District 3 is one of very few that have an annual event just for socializing.  Sometime next year, SI Metro Sacramento will be the designated host.  Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s gathering at Aviator’s Restaurant, hosted by the Greater Sacramento club.  Maybe we’ll have even more next time!  
Member Profile - Holly Lakatos

Let's give our newest member Holly a warm welcome.  Here is her story:

Holly was raised in a semi-rural farming community in Texas. She attended the University of Texas for her undergraduate studies & the University of North Texas, where she earned her Master’s degree. She moved to Elk Grove in 2008.


Holly is currently a librarian for a state court. Earlier this year she was interviewed for her professional association's newsletter and discussed what she thinks it means to be a librarian today. Click here to read.


About twenty years ago, Holly sold or donated almost all the books in her house because she was convinced that all books would be digitized in ten years. “Turns out, not everything is online even now! But at least I can go to the public library to borrow things to read.” For fun, she reads mystery novels and scientific studies. Her current read is  "Make It Rain" by Kristine Harper that discusses how governments have tried to regulate weather throughout the ages (which she recommends).  Her other hobbies include gardening at the Elk Grove Community Garden, knitting, and playing her ukulele.


Holly joined Soroptimist in March 2017 after learning about the organization online. She liked the idea of promoting women’s rights through education, goodwill, and fellowship. “I appreciate that the members come from various walks of life and can work together for a common goal. I also think that women working to empower other women—those are the women that I want to be like.”


May Birthdays

18 Janet Brabender
24 Jennifer Sipe
26 Lena Oneto

"Out 'n About"

Club members attending Soroptimist events, community events and traveling around the globe.

- Marie W, Diane H, Janet B, Kathy G, Annajean N, Kim C, Betty H, Genny F and Kristine S met for lunch at Thai Chili.  The original plan was to lunch at Crepe Cafe but they were closed (again) so they lost out.
- Diane Hollingshead, Betty Walters, Genny Fulp and MaryAnn Chappelle attended the Elk Grove Unified School District Foster Youth Dinner. Mike Jones was the event MC. Cathy Dessert retired after 17 years with the Sacramento County Foster Youth Independent Living Program.  SIEG gave a basket filled with gift certificates and See's Candies.
- Penny Clemons, Regional Team Program Tech with Student Support & Health Services of the Elk Grove Unified School District, was the April program speaker.
- SIEG members Marie Wood, Cathleen Riebe, Phyllis Davis, Holly Lakatos, Karin Lindner, Carol Crump, Genny Fulp, Betty Matsui, Kim Chandler, Leigh Nurre, Kristine Smith, (& Sharon Warner from SI Placerville) managed the registration for the Walk 2 Remember (W2R) event despite the rain.  Phyllis Davis managed the T-Shirt sales with Soroptimister Sam Davis.
- Ramona Johanneson and son Paul J (and girlfriend) put up the Balloon Arch at the W2R event with the help of Janice Labadie.
A note from Betty Hall to the membership:

    "A huge thank you to everyone who helped decorate flags for the 2017 Walk to Remember.  Also, special thanks to all who "braved the rain and hail" to make registration so smooth for our guests.  At least it was nice while we set up that morning.  Thank you Kristine for pulling all the registration area together.   Thank you Ramona and family for preparing the balloon arch; to Phyllis Davis for overseeing the t-shirt sales, and to Marie Jachino for pulling the morning snack area together.  You are an amazing group of friends and your service is so appreciated by our family.  Special thanks to Sharon Warner, from the Placerville Club, who traveled to Elk Grove again this year for the flag decorating and registration on the day of the Walk."

- Kristine took a picture of the water levels in the San Luis Reservoir on a trip to Gilroy, CA.  As she passed over Pacheco Pass it was a site to behold - water to the brim that we haven't seen in a number of years.  Perhaps the drought is over for a spell!
- Annajean & Marv Neill on a trip to Southern California to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations!

 SIEG Committee Updates
Committee updates as of May 1, 2017:

Fundraising - Kathy Griffin
All fundraising activities have been completed for this year.

Membership - Annajean Neill / Kristine Smith
The committee members continue to meet with prospective members as the need arises.

Operations-Finance - Florrie Oneto

The Operations and Finance Committee reviewed the SIEG by-laws.  As there were no motions to amend the by-laws at the SNR Conference this year or last, the by-laws stand as currently adopted.  The committee will be meeting in May to develop a proposed budget for the 2017-2018 operating year.  The proposed 2017-2018 budget will be reviewed at the Board Meeting in May with a plan to take the needed steps to have the proposed budget ready by the May 18th Business meeting. 

Public Relations- Sharon Renzo
SIEG has been in the news!  We had a huge article in the Elk Grove Citizen for Martinis & Merriment, as well as two full pages in this quarter’s Ardent for Life magazine.  Be sure to pick up your copy at one of Ardent’s advertisers around town - you will likely see someone you know in the photos!  Our exposure on social media is fabulous thanks to Tracey and to all who “like” and “share” – keep up the good work!
Service - MaryAnn Chappelle

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Project
Therese Schultz, Diane Hollingshead, and MaryAnn Chappelle went to Rio Cosumnes Jail to begin a library for the women incarcerated there. This is a project our club did several years ago, but was discontinued as women were no longer being placed at Rio Cosumnes.  However, now that women are there again,  Soroptimist would like to start the library once again. Members are asked to bring paperback books, magazines, and children's books to our meetings to help provide reading material for the library.  Therese will be going back  again sometime next month.  Contact her if you would like to be a part of this project.

Foster Youth
Genny Fulp, Betty Walters, Diane Hollingshead, and Mary Ann Chappelle attended the Fifth Annual Foster Youth Services Achievement Awards Dinner.  There were 72 students eligible this year and we brought each one a $10.00 gift card from Walmart and a See's lollipop.  The club had a certificate of recognition for our Star Award winner Maria Mireles who will be presented with the $1,000.00 award at the Elk Grove Foundation's Spotlight on Scholarship dinner on May 4.  SI Elk Grove was given special recognition for our support.

Helping Hands
This program has helped seven women this year who were in crisis.  Through the Elk Grove Food Bank, the club assists senior women who have no other resources to help them with their immediate financial problem. 

A Pinch of S.O.L.T.  (Soroptimist Orientation Leadership Training)

As new members are installed in a club, they may feel disconnected and unsure of what they need to do.  It is up to the membership to make new members feel welcome and provide guidance to the nuances of how the club works and their role as a member.  A few tips for members to help them on that journey.

Assign a mentor that can show them the ropes and explain how business and program meetings are conducted.

Get them involved with an assignment on a committee or project so they become engaged.

Encourage them to take a position (such as a delegate) on the board to give them insight into club business.

Be sure to share their email and phone number with other members to establish a line of communication.

Be sure they received the monthly club newsletter.

Most of all, be friendly and sincere in your interactions.


Elk Grove Community Calendar of Events 2017

 (Information provided by Sharon Renzo)

May 4 - Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation "Spotlight on Scholarships" Dinner, Creekside Church
May 4 - Big Day of Giving, Project  R.I.D.E. has invited SIEG to have a booth there, with other EG nonprofits from 5-7pm, setup at 4pm.
May 5-7th - Western Festival - click here for more information.

May 6 - Kiwanis Laguna-Elk Grove Carnitas & Margaritas Feed, SES Hall, $35.00.

May 10 - Chili's Giving Back to EG Lions, 11am-10pm
May 13 - Senior Center Pancake Breakfast, Senior Center, 8am-10am (SIEG members like to meet at 9am).
June 25 - Cars & Coffee, Location change - Strikes, 3443 Laguna Blvd, EG. SIEG Helpers:  Genny Fulp, Betty Matsui. Karin Lindner, and Tracey Edwards.
June 10 - Spotlight on the Ranch, Mosher Ranch, Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation fundraiser.  Volunteers needed.
June 24 - Run 4 Hunger benefiting the Elk Grove Food Bank. It will be greatly appreciated if SIEG members could staff the registration area again this year. The club will also have a Vendor booth. This is a great opportunity to talk to the community about our programs.

July 29 - Optimist Kohls Child Spree, Kohls @ Bruceville 6am.

Ongoing in  2017
EG Chamber Mixers – 3rd Tuesday of each month, (May16) 5:30 pm – 7 pm.  Check the Chamber website for location  (
Chamber Luncheon – last Friday of the month
at Valley Hi Country Club.

Contact Sharon Renzo if you have any questions regarding the community events.
Other community events can be found in the Town Planner

On The Web

Here are some quick links for when you’re wandering through the Web looking for interesting and informational tidbits!

Our (SIEG Club) Programs
Soroptimist International Elk Grove

Live Your Dream
Soroptimist International of the Americas

Dream It Be It Program
Soroptimist International of the Americas

My Sister’s House
Soroptimist Sierra Nevada Region

Our Global Impact
Soroptimist International of the Americas

SoroptiVoice Blog
Soroptimist International

Please share with your editor when you find something interesting that your fellow members would benefit knowing about, whether a photo, a video, or blog.

SI Elk Grove Officers

President:   Tracey Edwards
President-Elect:  Diana Holcomb
Treasurer:  Betty Matsui
Assistant Treasurer:  Janet Brabender
Recording Secretary:  Sherry McLellan
Corresponding Secretary:  Karin Lindner
Delegate: Florrie Oneto
Delegate: Genny Fulp
Alternate Delegate: Marie Wood

Non-Elected Positions:
Sharon Renzo - Club Ambassador
Leigh Nurre - Parliamentarian

Newsletter Editors -
Tracey Edwards & Kristine Smith
Contributing Editor - Peggy Ursin

Soroptimist Websites

Sierra Nevada Region 
Governor: Vicki Watson           
Soroptimist Int'l of the Americas  (Federation)
RoseMary Reid
Soroptimist International
President: Yvonne Simpson
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