SI Elk Grove's September 2015 Soropti-News
Volume 31, Issue 2
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Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Tracey Edwards, President

Message from the President

Hello Ladies,

Excitement is in the air! In just a few days we will have our first program meeting of the year. Our inaugural speaker will be Heather Olson, from Break Free Run. Proceeds from Break Free Run events go toward funding anti-trafficking programs to further the organization’s vision of a world free from human trafficking. 

Although we were "dark" for two months, that did not mean that we were not busy having fun or helping our community - at the same time. I'm so proud of our club's continued support of the Kohl's ChildSpree. Whether we were stuffing backpacks or handing them out, we are getting to know each other better and strengthening our bonds.  An added bonus is getting good publicity for the good works we do.

This will be a busy month for us. We will be ramping up our Committees so we can accomplish everything that we plan to. Please plan on attending our Business meeting so you can let the club know where your interests lie: Service, Operating, Fundraising, Membership or Public Relations.

Yours in service,


Greetings From The President
New SIA President
Save The Dates
2nd Wednesday Lunch
September Birthdays
A "Dream It, Be It" Video
Member Bio - Peggy Ursin
Inspiring Women Video
Out 'N About
In The Community
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Quick and Easy Party Appetizer
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New SIA President

Meet our new President of Soroptimist International of the Americas, Susan "Sam" Buchenau. Click on the video to view her when she was campaigning for President-Elect.

Save The Dates

2nd Wednesday Lunch

Lunch time is 11:30 am, the location is not yet determined.
Remember, the more the merrier!  And, don’t forget to take a picture!
September Speaker - Laurie Chiappe, Break Free Run

The speaker for our September program meeting will be Laurie Chiappe, Break Free Run.  

Break Free Run was founded after a 17-year old girl was taken from a sleepy suburb in Northern Sacramento and trafficked for eight days before she was found and rescued by the FBI.  Together the mother of the teen, Vicki Zito, along with Ashlie Bryant, Stephanie Loos and Amy Johnson, founded Break Free Run.

September Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

Faye Bundeson - Sept. 16

Mary Lewis - Sept. 26
Dream It * Be It 2015: presented by Soroptimist International of Grand Erie

We don't have to reinvent the wheel; here's an example of what one club is doing. What ideas do you have?

Member Bio - Peggy Ursin 

Peggy was born in Bishop, CA and raised in Benton – 35 miles from town; yes, very rural, but a good life.  The family lived on 80 acres surrounded by hills, sagebrush, jackrabbits, and a great view of the White Mountains.  There were 35 students in the 2-room school, 8 grades, no kindergarten.  There was no telephone until she was in high school.  Peggy would go back in a minute if there were a job to pay the bills!

Peggy took education seriously.  She received an AA from Ventura College before kids; a BA at St. Mary’s College after the kids were grown; MS from University of La Verne, and has spent 26 years at Cosumnes River College helping other people navigate the college-going process. 
Peggy joined Soroptimist about ten years ago, in 2005.  She had quite an experience during the first meeting.  Due to a resignation, she somehow became Assistant Treasurer the night she was inducted into the club – at the Installation Dinner!  Now that is jumping in with both feet!
Peggy has a great sense of humor and when asked why she joined Soroptimist, her response was, “Guilt”.  She had been given a Women’s Opportunity Award, and had promised to “pay back” the club’s generosity and trust in her success after going back to school.  But, she found it was a great bunch of women, laughter was the prevailing sound, and the tasks were incredibly easy – and decided to continue on with membership.
“Peggy, What do you like best about the club?” 
“Friendships are such huge part, plus the opportunity to make a difference right in town.  At the same time, I like knowing that the monies we raise specifically help girls and women somewhere that I may never see; it’s just a good feeling.”
Are there any changes you would like to see in the club?  
“I’d love to see every member taking the “lead” position for something.  It can be a really tiny task, but twice a year each woman should be the top dog for something related to the club.  Not necessarily a year-long job, certainly, but providing a visible sign that a member is involved in the club rather than just showing up.”
Inspiring Women Video
Colbie Caillat - Try
Beautiful thoughts sung by Colbie Caillat.  Enjoy the voice and the sentiments.

"Out 'N About"

Here are some of our members having fun out. The play was, "My Mom's Italian, My Dad's Jewish and I'm in Therapy?"  
In The Community
July 25 - Kohl's ChildSpree. More than 100 EGUSD students enjoyed a $150 back-to-school shopping spree at the Kohl's store in Elk Grove.

ChildSpree is an event for select students who are in need of school clothes, backpack and school supplies. Students shop with chaperones at the Kohl's store. The day included a pancake breakfast, free eye exams, free hair cuts and free school supplies for students.

Pictured: Mary Ann Chappelle, Genny Fulp, Marie Wood and Peggy Ursin. 

More pictures from Kohl's ChildSpree

August 18 - Meadow Home Grand Opening - Submitted by Genny Fulp 

I proudly helped with the garage sale several weeks ago, moved furniture into the house, unpacked items, helped set up the kitchen, dusted furniture, and several other chores that needed to be done to get the house 'turnkey ready'. I also attended several meetings in order to coordinate the time-line to make sure we were on schedule for the grand opening. 

The Homeless Assistance Resource Team (HART) Committee posted signs around the house explaining who donated which items.  The SI Elk Grove sign was proudly shown in most all of the rooms.  All of the beds and mattress covers were purchased with the funds SI Elk Grove donated for this home. Several members donated personal items, e.g., Diana Hollingshead, Betty Hall, Kristi Lynne Hall-Donelli, Betty Walters, Betty Matsui (all the Betty's donated, wow!), and SI Elk Grove donated a box of books w/ith stuffed animals.  So many wonderful items to help these folks feel right  at home. 

The HART Committee sent "Thank You's" to each member who donated.  Also in attendance were Betty Hall, Marie Jachino,  and Diane Holcomb. I hope I did not leave anybody out. If I did, I apologize. 
August 9 - SI Elk Grove Retreat in Galt.  Pictured are all of the members who were in attendance.

Book & Stuffed animal sorting at Ramona's
Here are Soropti-mister Jack Edwards, Ramona Johanneson, Sandi Russell and Soropti-son Joshua Edwards after sorting hundreds of books and stuffed animals.
Here are Soropti-mister Jack Edwards, Kristine Smith, Sandi Russell and Soropti-son Joshua Edwards after sorting hundreds of books and stuffed animals.

A Pinch of S.O.L.T. 

Growing Your Club 

Here is a PowerPoint Presentation prepared and presented by Carol Scofield at the SNR Soroptimist Development Retreat, July 2015.

Use this Road Map to Success to strengthen your club.

On The Web

Here are some quick links for when you’re wandering through the Web looking for interesting and informational tidbits!

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Please share with your editor when you find something interesting that your fellow members would benefit knowing about, whether a photo, a video, or blog. 


Quick and Easy Party Appetizer

Need a quick and easy party appetizer? 

Use a toothpick to dip big, red grapes
halfway into melted white chocolate.
Then dip the bottom in crushed nuts
(peanuts, cashews, whatever you have).
Done, that's it. Make a ton because
they disappear quickly!
  • About 1 lb grapes (any color, the plumper the better)
  • 2 cups white chocolate
  • 1 cup nuts, chopped
Once the grapes are dipped in both the white chocolate and nuts,
stand on wax paper to harden. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

If any water gets into the chocolate (from the bowl, your spoon, etc.) it will stiffen. Add 1 tsp shortening to make the consistency smooth again.

Found on

Random (and Sometimes Wacky) Tips

SI Elk Grove Officers

Tracey Edwards - President
Diana Holcomb - President-Elect

Betty Matsui - Treasurer
Janet Brabender- Assistant Treasurer
Sherry McLellan - Recording Secretary
Leslie Konopinski - Corresponding Secretary
Phyllis Davis - Delegate
Suzanne Mink - Delegate
Diane Hollingshead - Club Ambassador
Peggy Ursin - Parliamentarian

Tracey Edwards - Newsletter Editor

Calendar Snapshot

Sept   4   Program Meeting, E.G. Library, 8900 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove
Sept   9   2nd Wednesday Lunch, TBD, EG
Sept 12   Senior Center Pancake Breakfast, 8am - 10am, Elk Grove
Sept 14   Board Meeting, Betty Matsui, 9430 Sunflower Road, Wilton
Oct    2   Program Meeting, E.G. Library, 8900 Elk Grove Blvd.,
Elk Grove
Oct  17   Bunco Fundraiser, Camden Springs, 8476 Sheldon Road, Elk Grove

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