SI Elk Grove's November 2015 Soropti-News
Volume 31, Issue 4
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Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Greetings From the President

Hello Ladies,

I hope you've been enjoying waking up to cooler weather as much as I have. Once I feel the first crispness in the air I want to break out my boots, scarves and mittens. Of course, when it's 80 degrees in the afternoon...

October was a busy month for us getting ready for our Bunco fundraiser on October 17th. As usual, it was a successful event. We even had one gentleman attend and you knew when he got a Bunco!  Treasurer Betty Matsui will share with us the results once all expenses have been paid. Thank you to all of the members who participated in the success of this event: getting the baskets together and arranging them on the table (Pat Beata, Kim Chandler, Kathy Griffin, Karin Lindner and Diana Holcomb), organizing and setting up the tables at the event (Cathleen Riebe, Betty Walters, and Annajean Neill), registering all of the participants (Betty Matsui Janet Brabender, Phyllis Davis and Mary Lewis), emceeing the event,(Peggy Ursin), setting up the Membership Table (Sherry McLellan), outside greeter (Kristine Smith),  drawing ticket sellers (Leslie Konopinski, Phyllis Davis and Ramona Johanneson),making the party favors (Diane Hollingshead), Room assistance (Kathy Griffin and Annajean Neill), Bunco officials (Cathleen Riebe and Betty Walters), drawing prize coordinators (Pat, Kim, Kathy, Karin, Diane and Marie Jachino), handing out the party favors (Genny Fulp and Betty Matsui), and cleaning up (Everyone!)  Thank you for chairing the committee Diane Hollingshead. And we can't forget our fabulous parking lot attendants - Soropti-misters Jim Konopinski and Gary Lindner!

Looking ahead we have much to do to get our See's candy Store, at the new location, ready to open. Peggy Ursin has found us a beautiful location in the DollarTree/La Bou Shopping Center at 8694 Elk Grove Blvd., #7. Peggy gets the key the evening of the 13th, so please say "Yes!" when you are asked to help. We will have a signup sheet at the November program meeting for both setting up the store and signing up to work shifts. Remember that we are open fewer days and fewer hours each day. Those members who wish to donate beautiful hand-made items, please make arrangements with Peggy. 

We (Genny Fulp, Betty Matsui, Amy White and I) had great success handing out the remaining Bunco party favors - mini martini glasses with chocolates - at the October Elk Grove Chamber Mixer. Let's have another great showing at this month's Chamber Mixer at the Elk Grove Food Bank, 9820 Dino Drive, Suite 140, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm on November 17th.

Annajean is busy finding us a great location for our Holiday Party Potluck. With our new store being too small to hold all of us, we are looking for another venue. Wherever we are, we'll have a memorable time!

May you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends here or on the road!
Yours in Service,

Tracey Edwards


Greetings From The President
November Program Meeting Signups
Save The Dates
2nd Wednesday Lunch
November Program Speaker
November Birthdays
Member Profile
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Live Your Dream Award
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November Program Meeting Signups

Thank You to the following members who signed up to bring something to the November Program meeting:

Coffee:   Peggy Ursin
Juice:     Betty Matsui
Treats:   Karin Lindner
Fruit:     Kristine Smith

Save The Dates

Another Bunco Success!
The skies have sent rain on many of our bunco parties, and the event on October 17 was no different.  Not much rain, to be sure, but a few drops kept the tradition alive! A great crowd of returning fans, some first-timers, our own members and Camden Springs residents enjoyed another morning of laughter, snacks, rolling dice and prizes.  Once again, the management of Camden Springs Gracious Retirement Living provided a welcoming and comfortable venue, food, beverages, and enthusiasm for our club’s fundraiser. The courtesy shuttle bus zipped between the facility and the Park & Ride lot with welcoming cheer from the smiling driver.
Not all bills were paid at press time, but October’s event increased our club’s treasury by about $2,000, which is terrific.  Event ticket sales were the major part of the income, but the popular drawing, with beautiful gift baskets and other prizes contributed greatly.  Many thanks to Pat Baeta and her helpers for finding donors, assembling baskets, and helping us obtain such a healthy profit.  Thanks as well to every member who contributed a basket or prize, who helped set up, who greeted guests at the door or at check-in, who ran around verifying buncos, who sold drawing tickets, created gifts for the departing guests, and who packed up at the end of the morning.  We started on time, ended on time, and both hosts and guests declared it another success!  Congratulations to everyone!     

2nd Wednesday Lunch

Lunch time is 11:30 am at Plaza Del Sol. This restaurant is located at 8523 Elk Grove Blvd. (Big Lots Shopping Center), Elk Grove 95624.  Wear your Soroptimist Blue and/or name tag.
Remember, the more the merrier!  And, don’t forget to take a picture!
November Speaker - Joe Jaquez

The speaker for our November program meeting will be Joe Jaquez, Assistant Program Director  with the Elk Grove Adult Community Training (EGACT).

November Birthdays

             Happy Birthday to:
               7th Pat Beata
             13th Amy White



Member Profile - Diana Holcomb

Diana was born in Sacramento, raised in Sacramento with the exception of 6th grade when she briefly lived in Phoenix.
Diana joined S.I. Grass Valley in January 2002, and had just learned she was pregnant with her son, William.  She had only been in business 2 years when she joined and was getting to know people in the community and building her business.  A patient of hers, Judy Barker, was a Soroptimist and suggested checking it out.   She loved the service aspect of the group and how much they accomplished in a club year.  They (like us) were women that got stuff done, not just giving it lip service.  Of course they put her to work right away. 

Memories from her Soroptimist days:  “I have been on the board of SIGV or SIEG probably 10 out of the 13 years I have been a Soroptimist.  I ran a large fundraiser in Grass Valley called the K.A.R.E. Affair, which supported the Crisis nursery that my club had founded.  When my daughter Elizabeth was about 2, she did the artwork that still hangs in the Crisis nursery.  I also helped run our Fair Booth every year (we serve Teriyaki Chicken at the Nevada County fair as our largest fundraiser).  I would pay my whole staff to help out at the booth.  I still like to go up there to help out- when I was there last August it was cute to see my handiwork still in the booth- I made all the signage that lists the do’s and don’ts for the cooks and the order tags. “

What Diana likes most about Soroptimist are the great friendships you make with wonderful, dynamic women.  When we work together towards the common good for women and children it is an amazing thing.
Diana’s mother was one of those dynamic women.  She was a hardworking, single mother and was often helping others.  She passed when Diana was a teenager but she feels a real connection to the motivated Soroptimist friends and the empowerment they give women and girls.

Diana was asked if there were any changes she would like to see in the club? Her response was, “We really are an amazing group.  I think as long as we stick to the committee structure and let those that have a passion for that particular committee do their thing, all is good.  Long drawn out meetings that discuss the same things that should be done on the committee level are no fun and not productive.  We have been getting a lot better at this over the last couple of years.  It makes a huge difference.


All About Us: Live Your

Live Your Dream Program

Check us out at an online community empowering offline action, helping women and girls to live their dreams.

"Out 'N About"

Here are pictures of our members in their community and others.
Top left: Member Peggy at the Bunco event
Middle Left: Camden Springs Staff
Middle Right: President Tracey with her Mom in Alabama
Bottom left: President Tracey taking archery at Becoming an Outdoors' Woman weekend.
Bottom Right: Diana Hollingshead, Genny Fulp, Phyllis Davis, Faye Bundesen attending event honoring Elk Grove Police department  for work with domestic violence group Weave.

A Pinch of S.O.L.T. 

Membership Resources 



The All Aboard the memberSHIP campaign is underway! Check out the campaign webpage for more details and to find all of the best recruitment resources!

On The Web

Here are some quick links for when you’re wandering through the Web looking for interesting and informational tidbits!

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Live Your Dream
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Our Global Impact
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SoroptiVoice Blog
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Please share with your editor when you find something interesting that your fellow members would benefit knowing about, whether a photo, a video, or blog. 


Pumpkin Dump Cake 

 It is that time of year for all things pumpkin!  And I know that most of you will remember “dump” cakes from what….the 60s?  70s?  Anyway, if you do remember, you know how easy they are and how delicious they are!  This one might even replace your pumpkin pie for dessert on Thanksgiving.

Yield: ONE 9X13 INCH PAN total time: 1 HOUR
1 can (15 oz.) pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 can (10 oz.) evaporated milk
1 cup brown sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 box yellow cake mix
2 sticks butter, melted
1 cup chopped pecans
 Preheat the oven to 350º F.
Butter the bottom and sides of a 9 x 13 inch cake pan.
In a large bowl combine the pumpkin, evaporated milk, brown sugar, eggs and pumpkin pie spice. Whisk until combined. Pour this mixture into the buttered pan.
Sprinkle the cake mix powder on top of the batter as evenly as possible.  Sprinkle the pecans evenly over the batter.
Pour the melted butter evenly over the top of the cake.
Bake for 45-50 minutes, until the edges are browned and the center is set. A knife inserted in the middle should come out clean.


Random (and Sometimes Wacky) Tips

It is almost time to think about a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table and here is an idea for you!
  •  Cut stem off each pumpkin.
  • Center candle base on top of pumpkin and trace around.
  • Carve out circle. Remove seeds and pulp.
  • Insert candle in hole so that 1.5" to 2" extends above pumpkin.
  • Apply hot glue where candle and pumpkin meet.
  • Arrange whatever decorative items you want to use (such as twigs, berries, leaves) around candle and glue in place.
 You could also do this with fake pumpkins and use them every year!
Happy Thanksgiving!


SI Elk Grove Officers

Tracey Edwards - President
Diana Holcomb - President-Elect

Betty Matsui - Treasurer
Janet Brabender- Assistant Treasurer
Sherry McLellan - Recording Secretary
Leslie Konopinski - Corresponding Secretary
Phyllis Davis - Delegate
Open Position - Delegate
Diane Hollingshead - Club Ambassador
Peggy Ursin - Parliamentarian

Tracey Edwards & Kristine Smith - Newsletter Editors



Calendar Snapshot

Nov.  6   2  
Program Meeting, E.G. Library, 8900 Elk Grove Blvd., EG

Nov.  9   Board Meeting, Diana Holcomb, 9836 Imperia Court, Elk Grove 95757
Nov. 11   2nd Wednesday Lunch, Plaza Del Sol, 8523 Elk Grove Blvd., EG
Nov. 14   See's Store Setup, 8694 Elk Grove Blvd. #7, EG
Dec.   4   Program Meeting, E.G. Library, 8900 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove

In the Community:

Nov. 14   Senior Center Pancake Breakfast, 8am - 10am, EG

Soroptimist Websites

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