SI Elk Grove's March 2016 Soropti-News
Volume 33  Issue 8
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Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Greetings From the President

President Tracey Edwards

Hello Members,

I hope you all had a wonderful February and a lovely Leap Day! We've been really lucky with our weather so I hope you took some time to enjoy the outdoors.

The first half of this month is going to be really busy. We have our Program Meeting at the City of Elk Grove City Council Chamber this Friday. And Phyllis Davis will be introducing us to the two deserving winners of the Live Your Dream Award. Thank you to Phyllis and her committee!

If you haven't purchased your ticket yet to our "sister" club event - Merriment & Martini's - there's still time. It will be fun and educational for us to see how it's done just before we have our Martini's & Merriment event.

A huge "THANKS" to President-Elect Diana for overseeing this extravaganza! Just remember, next year will be even better. We have some nice silent auction items: a 3-wheeled bike (adult size with a basket), brand new in-the-box KitchenAid mixer, to name a few. Our members have been very busy getting sponsorships (a first for us!) and donations for our event. I feel like it's a success already!

This month is going to go by really quickly, so stop and enjoy yourselves at your event!

 Tracey Edwards



Greetings From The President
March Program Meeting Signups
Save The Dates - Calendar of Events
2nd Wednesday Lunch

March Program Speaker
March Birthdays
Member Profile

August 2015 Start Stop Continue Exercise 
Out 'N About
SIEG Fundraiser Announcement
A Pinch of S.O.L.T.
SIEG Committee Updates
On The Web
Editor's Note
SIEG Officers
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March Program Meeting Signups

Thank You to the following members who signed up to bring food & drink to the March Program meeting:

Coffee:  Peggy Ursin
Juice:    Marie Wood
Treats:   Marilea Higdon
Fruit:     Marilea Higdon

Save The Dates - Calendar of Events

Mar 3rd & 10th   Martinis & Merriment committee meeting, @ Panera's on Bond Road 9:00 a.m.
Mar 4  Program Meeting,
EG City Hall, Council Chambers, 8401 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, 7:30 a.m.
Mar  9  2nd Wednesday Lunch, TBD email will be sent out.

March 14   Board Meeting, home of Genny Fulp, 8667 Corte Del Sol Ct., 6:00 p.m
Mar 17  Business Meeting, Raley’s, corner of Elk Grove Blvd. & Franklin Blvd, 6 p.m.

Apr 1 - Program Meeting  @ location pending  7:30 a.m. 

In the Community
Mar 12  Senior Center Pancake Breakfast, 8830 Sharkey Ave., EG.  8am - 10:00 a.m
Mar 12 - Yuba City Soroptimist Fundraiser, Merriment & Martinis, Southridge Estates, 9413 S. Butte Road, Sutter, 6-10:00pm
Mar 16 Elk Grove Chamber Mixer, @ xxxxxx EG. 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Mar 22  Flag assembly for Walk to Remember Event @ Marie Wood's home 10:00 a.m.

Saturday, March 12 - Merriment & Martinis, Southridge Estates, 9413 S. Butte Road, Sutter, 6-10pm

Apr 9 - Hall Walk to Remember Event.  Contact Betty Hall @ 916-531-0882 if you would like to volunteer for handling registration duties at the event.

Other community events can be found in the 
Town Planner


2nd Wednesday Lunch

Lunch time is 11:30 am at: TBD  An email will be sent out.

Wear your Soroptimist Blue and/or name tag.
Remember, the more the merrier!  And, don’t forget to take a picture!

The "Live Your Dream" Award winners will be the featured event at the March program meeting. 

 March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

Marilea Higdon       13
Diane Hollingshead     16
Janet Hume               20
Cheryl Herrera              27


Member Profile - New Member - Florence (Florrie) Oneto

I was born and raised in San Jose, California.  When I was 11, we moved to the west side of San Jose in what we called the "panhandle" of San Jose.  We were nestled among the towns of Campbell, Los Gatos and Saratoga at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  It was a beautiful place to live and I road my bike for miles in all directions from the mall to the school farm where I raised animals to the community college where the pool was open to the public.

I am married to Lena's youngest son Ken.  Ken farms with Lena and his brother just south of Elk Grove.  Ken and I have two children, Erica (23) and Evan (17).  Erica is an artist.  She has graduated from UC San Diego and is now attending design school.  Evan is graduating high school this year and is in the process of selecting a college.  I am a Scouter.  Evan is an Eagle Scout and we have had many scouting adventures together in our troop, BSA Troop 118 that meets at Franklin Elementary School. I volunteered with 4-H for 12 years where Erica and Evan were involved in many projects such as raising chickens, rabbits, and goats, sewing, cooking, and art.  I enjoy camping, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, and bike riding - basically anything that gets me outdoors. I love to sing., learn new things, to read and I enjoy working on a team.

I joined Soroptimist because I was invited  by Lena.  Lena holds the organization and the members in high regard.  She and I both share a passion for community service and civic pride.  I have felt that same commitment from the members I have met so far, including Annajean Neill who has been so welcoming and informative.  The focus of the organization to improve the lives of women and children in our community is another compelling reason for me to join.  I was also excited about being a part of a dynamic group of women who are dedicated to service in our community.  I really like the respectful and professional way the members interact at meetings and events while having a lot of fun!

I am the coordinator of the David Reese Student Support Center (formerly known as Healthy Start), providing support services and collaborating with community partners to remove barriers and support students and families to thrive and learn. I took over the job when Sandy Waite retired (whom many of you know).  

I look forward to working with the Soroptimist to contribute to the Elk Grove Optimist’s Kohl's Child Spree this summer.  I am a clinical social worker and have worked in the Elk Grove Unified School District for 28 years providing support services to women, children and families.


Florrie was inducted on February 18, 2016 at the SIEG Thursday night business meeting.  Her mother-in-law, Lena Oneto, was invited to present her with the membership pin.
Soroptimist of Elk Grove Club President Tracey Edwards officiated with reading of the oath.
August 2015 Start Stop Continue Exercise

Here are the items that came out of our brainstorming session. Please take a look and see which ones relate to your Committee. These are suggestions, but it would be nice to check off the ones that the Committees have discussed and approved.


• Plan for mentoring
• Better web presence
• Think about digital footprint – embrace it. Put everything online/reduce paper

• Do a 1-day workshop
• Work on Dream It Be It
• Martinis and Merriment fundraiser
• Do an international project
• Become involved with HART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team) (in addition to donating to them)

• Involvement with youth
• Partner with other service organizations
• Give a Ruby award
• Have more social activities for club members (i.e. 5th Thursdays)
• Do something for senior women, such as Christmas gifts
• Have a craft group to make items to sell/give away
• More community events/outreach to attract new members
• Have a Soroptimist clothing exchange
• Do a tour of a local facility, such as Shriner’s Hospital
• Do hands-on work rather than just donating funds
• Respect the strengths and weaknesses of each other

"Out 'n About"

Here are pictures of our members attending Soroptimist events, community events and having fun.
  • Mary, Genny, Tracey and Betty M at the Chamber Mixer.
  • Tracey, Peggy, Kristine and Marie kick-up their heels and enjoyed the Burgers & Brew @ the Pleasant Grove High School FFA fundraiser.  Jello-shots made their way to our table.
  • A great turnout of members and Soropti-misters attended the Martini testing party held at Tracey & Jack Edwards' home.  Diana Holcomb's martini won the top taste award and will be featured at the Martinis & Merriment event.
  • Genny, Marie, Kristine, Annajean, Betty M, and Diane at the Crocker Museum Chinese New Year Celebration followed by dinner at Frank Fat's.

SIEG Fundraiser Announcement  



A Pinch of S.O.L.T. 

Membership Resources

Here’s a quick link to an SIA Article on Team Building.  What better way to attract and keep new members, than to demonstrate how rewarding it can be to work together towards a common goal!  


Check it out.


Lane Parks, Secretary/Membership Chair
SIEG Committee Updates

Committee updates as of March 1, 2016:

Fundraising by Diana Holcomb
  • Planning for Martinis and Merriment is in full swing.  Restaurants secured so far:  Baguettes, Lola's, Sushi Q, Dos Coyotes, and ABC Catering & Palermo.  Several sponsors have been confirmed.
  • Advertising - Flyers and Save The Date cards are being displayed around town and social media/online calendars are being updated.    Interested parties can purchase tickets via the SIEG website or from club members. 
  • Leslie and Karin are busy getting drawing prizes together.  Please let them know if you have prizes to donate.  We will need all prizes no later than March 18th.   
  • We want a packed house to make this event as successful as possible, so please work on selling tickets to the event. Please continue telling your friends about the event as well as sharing it on Facebook..  Contact Betty Matsui if you have questions regarding tickets.

Membership by Annajean Neill
  • SIEG has a new member: Florence (Florrie) Oneto.
  • Planning will begin in the spring for the Soroptimist District 3 social event that our club will be hosting.
  • We continue to seek new members and will have a SIEG table at the M&M event to answer questions about the club.

Operations-Finance by Diane Hollingshead

The following topics were discussed at the District III meeting and will be further discussed with the our membership; Club director and officer management liability insurance and Crime coverage insurance and fingerprinting (see below explanations).
  • Bylaws - At the recent District III meeting presentation it was noted there will be changes to the SIA and SNR By-laws.  As such SIEG will need to follow with a review of our club bylaws.
  • Insurance - At the recent District III meeting insurance was discussed. Management Liability commonly known as Directors and Officers Insurance for $250, or for the Region at $450 was recommended. Crime Coverage Insurance which addresses the office of Treasurer was also recommended.
  • Fingerprinting - At  the District III meeting it was reported that most clubs use LIVESCAN.  SIEG will need to find out if the EGUSD will release the paperwork to the individual's fingerprinted or if they keep the paperwork as their property.  If they don't release the forms to the applicant perhaps we need to use the UPS locations in EG for LIVESCAN. As a record for the club a designated member needs to see the form for verification but will not keep any copies of the individuals form.  It is recommended that the owner keep their own paperwork for safekeeping.
Public Relations by Amy White
  • We continue to concentrate on the Martinis and Merriment event.
Service by Sherry McLellan 
  • Helping Hands has been "live" for one year now!   At the last Business meeting SIEG members voted to extend Helping Hands to all zip codes that the Elk Grove Food Bank serves.  This will open up our program's benefits to more senior women in need.    To date we have approved and paid nine requests from senior women.  We have also provided seven $25 gas cards for the EG Food Bank to distribute to senior women who need gas in order to access needed social services.  We have spent a total of $1,419 from the original $3,000 Helping Hands budget.
  • We have two winners of our Live Your Dream awards for 2016.  SIEG will present the winners their awards at the Program meeting on March 4.
  • We plan to participate in the Elk Grove Youth Commission's spring fair and use our Stop Teen Dating Violence materials and spinning wheel to generate some interest and fun.  We are still trying to find out the date of the fair.
  • We are continuing to investigate and plan for our International Project to help the children in Pan de Azucar, Peru.  We are communicating with the volunteer group's coordinator to determine their needs and gather more information.  We are also planning to contact the Soroptimist club in Lima to ask them for volunteer and/or monetary contributions to this effort.
  • We have a new "plan" to provide a scholarship for a local foster girl.  We have just begun the discussion on this and will be working more on this plan.

On The Web

Here are some quick links for when you’re wandering through the Web looking for interesting and informational tidbits!

Our (SIEG Club) Programs
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Live Your Dream
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Our Global Impact
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SoroptiVoice Blog
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Please share with your editor when you find something interesting that your fellow members would benefit knowing about, whether a photo, a video, or blog. 

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SI Elk Grove Officers

Tracey Edwards - President
Diana Holcomb - President-Elect

Betty Matsui - Treasurer
Janet Brabender- Assistant Treasurer
Sherry McLellan - Recording Secretary
Leslie Konopinski - Corresponding Secretary
Phyllis Davis - Delegate
Open Position - Delegate
Diane Hollingshead - Club Ambassador
Peggy Ursin - Parliamentarian

Tracey Edwards & Kristine Smith - Newsletter Editors
Contributing editor - Peggy Ursin


Soroptimist Websites


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