Tutela is now registered, Jonny & Becky in England til August
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Dear <<First Name>>,
Here we go with some news of what we've been up to recently and how things are moving forward with our Tutela vision. If there is a theme to the season we are in, it is 'adaptable-ness' - the art of being adaptable. Well actually the proper word is 'adaptability', and we're realising that to reach our goals, we have to remain flexible and willing to tweak the plans and timelines...

Tutela is Now a Registered Charity !


We are now a fully registered charity, complete with charity number and status. But, boy did it take some patience... Starting from when we were first sat in an upstairs office-den with our friends (and now trustees), Alan and Peter, discussing where to start. That was almost a year ago! It's definitely been worth the wait, although there were times when it seemed like the process had fallen into the abyss. But thankfully not! Funnily enough, it now feels like it's come at the right time, just when we're ready to get going with some growth and fundraising.

The Charity Launch Day and What Happened After...

The launch event for Tutela was a fun-filled celebration in our local school hall. It was a late-November day, and came complete with silent auction, willow crafts for the kids, a press photographer and topped off with loads of friends and family to share the moment. It was a brilliant way to birth our vision. Our lasting memory is the way so many people got involved; from people who helped organise the day, to those who came and placed bids for auction prizes. Thank you one and all!
Not long after, it suddenly hit us that the next event (apart from christmas, of course), was the big move back to Mozambique, which was etched in the calendar for February 2015. Having told our friends and family, we announced it at our launch event and Jonny talked to his employers about handing his notice in. Well...
For some reason, this plan did not sit right with us, and after much prayer and discussion (and Becky having a very clear directional dream one night!) we made the decision to delay our return. This was not an easy conclusion to come to being very eager to get back to Moz, but this is by far the best plan for both our own family and Tutela. To think we would be packing up and leaving this month now seems crazy and suffice it to say, we are very grateful for the extra few months in England.

We've Set a New Leaving Date - August 2015

It's a mere six months away, which is ample time to get ready for Mozambique. We're aware that the success of the Tutela vision depends on our family being happy, healthy, and all of us being ready to go. Our girls, Gracie and Honor, can finish their year at school, which is a real bonus.
An office space recently became available, just ten minutes drive from our house. The owner of the office park was extremely generous; when he heard about what we're doing, he decided to give us six months rent-free.  Its a simple yet comfortable space and most importantly it's baby-free!
Our main focus now is getting into a rhythm of fundraising and spreading the word about Tutela. We will also be networking with other organisations and people in Mozambique to get the ball rolling at that end.
And then we need volunteers! Yes indeed... people who enjoy fundraising or doing crazy things for a good cause. Those who want to help us value family in Mozambique and to provide long-term foster homes for vulnerable children there.
Thanks for all the support thus far!
Jonny and Becky
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Tutela Africa is a registered charity, number 1160207, incorporated in England and Wales

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