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IDSN 2019 Publications

IDSN is pleased to send you the Annual Report, IDSN 2019-2023 Strategy and the Caste and Gender Justice publication. Find more information and download below. 

#NoCasteLeftBehind - Caste and Gender Justice 

Caste and Gender Justice: Delivering on the UN Global Goals for Dalit Women and Girls is the first in IDSN's new #NoCasteLeftBehind series that examines the UN Global Goals through the lens of caste and intersectional discrimination. 

The publication looks at the caste and gender based inequity the leads to Dalit women being left behind the UN Global Goals. Examples are drawn from Nepal, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and given within the framework of the Global Goals. There are also references to action needed and recommendations for progress. You can also follow #NoCasteLeftBehind Twitter campaign on
Download the Caste and Gender Justice publication

IDSN Strategy 2019-2023

The new IDSN 5-year strategy, for working towards a world free of caste-based discrimination, sets outs IDSN's mission, vision and values and outlines the key thematic focus areas and goals for 2019-2023.

The thematic areas chosen are:
● Dalit women and gender justice
● Business and human rights
● Equality and participation

These thematic areas all incorporate the cross-cutting theme - access to justice. The strategy document outlines long-term objectives and 2023 targets within each of these priority areas.
Download the IDSN 2019-2023 Strategy

IDSN Annual Report 2018-19

The IDSN Annual Report 2018-19 covers key developments and activities within IDSN’s United Nations, European Union, and communications and networking work. The highlights of the report include:

  • The IDSN General Assembly adopts the new IDSN Strategy 2019-2023
  • UN side-event on caste-based violence highlights the plight of Dalit women
  • Several high-level UN officials raise concern over caste
  • Treaty body reviews of Bangladesh include many recommendations on caste
  • UN CERD and CEDAW Committee reviews focus on Dalit issue and discrimination against Dalit women
  • Dalit activists speak out at the UN Forum on Minority Issues
  • Reports and statements from UN Special Rapporteurs include strong references to caste
  • Dalit activists take part in the EU Development Days and the EU NGO Forum
  • Caste-based slavery addressed at an EU Parliament hearing
  • MEPs raise concern over caste with EU leadership
  • The EU high representative makes several replies confirming the EU’s commitment to eliminating caste discrimination
  • EU Annual Reports on human rights highlight concern over caste discrimination
Download the IDSN Annual Report


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