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  • Caste violence in India rises as Dalits assert their rights
  • Nepal UPR – UN Members deeply concerned about caste 
  • Dalit singer arrested and film on caste refused clearance
  • Caste-based discrimination highlighted at Human Rights Council
  • New publication from ADRF on UN mechanisms and caste
  • Caste should be addressed in the indicators for SDG implementation
  • Briefing notes on Dalits in Bangladesh
  • Film on Dalit muslims in India
  • Minds of Caste seminar held in London
  • Report from consultation on forced labour in the garment sector

Caste violence in India rises as Dalits assert their rights

Dalit rights assertions in India have unleashed a wave of backlash violence and abuse against Dalits. This has been evident in reporting over the past year, and is now also reflected in National crime statistics, showing a 19% rise in crimes against Dalits including violence, rape and murder.
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Nepal UPR – UN Members deeply concerned about caste discrimination and untouchability

A team of Dalit leaders took part in the IDSN delegation participating in the UN Universal Periodic Review. Seventeen United Nations member states raised their concerns and recommendations on caste discrimination, urging the Government to ensure effective implementation of the Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability Act of 2011. IDSN and the Dalit coalition team issued a press release. Later the Government of Nepal referred to all recommendations on caste as 'already under implementation', The IDSN and Dalit CSO UPR team worry that this will affect the Governmen'ts commitment to effectively address the specific issue of caste-based discrimination in their implementation plan for the recommendations.. The Dalit Coalition is demanding a national action plan to eliminate caste discrimination and an effective coordinating mechanism to oversee its implementation. Another key focus at the UPR of Nepal was the on going Indian blockade of fuel to Nepal resulting in a humanitarian crisis, which will also adversely affect millions of Dalits in Nepal.

Dalit singer arrested and film on caste refused clearance - the right to expression curtailed in India

New incidents add to concerns over fresh attempts to limit freedom of expression in India. A Dalit folk singer has been arrested and kept in custody and charged with sedition solely on the grounds of singing songs with a message to close down state owned liquor stores. International Human Rights organisations are calling on global public support for his release.
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Caste-based discrimination highlighted at the UN Human Rights Council

Caste-based discrimination was highlighted in several reports to the UN Human Rights Council’s 30th session, including by the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (Yemen report) and the UN Special Rapporteur on Slavery, among others. Read the references to caste in the HRC30 reports here.

New Publication from ADRF on UN Mechanisms and Caste

Caste should be a crucial factor towards
addressing the indicators for SDG implementation (Asia Dalit Rights Forum)

Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF) has issued a statement on the Sustainable Development Goal indicators demanding that caste be directly addressed in the indicators for SDG implementation and offering concrete indicators to this effect including: 
  • Disaggregated data based on Caste and targeted budgeting to ending poverty
  • Quality education for all, with data disaggregation for measuring inclusion of Dalits
  • Monitoring the process towards elimination of violence and exploitation of Dalit women
  • Targeted Budgeting and Data disaggregation for reducing inequalities within the countries
  • Specific mechanisms for access to justice
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Bangladesh: Briefing notes on Dalits in Bangladesh

Akhdam children in Taiz
The Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM) have published these briefing notes on Dalits in Bangladesh:

Film: Dalit Muslims of India (Al Jazeera)

A 42 minute film on Muslim Dalits in Indian by Al Jazeera.

Minds of Caste Seminar held in London

A seminar on how caste identities shape the mind was held at University College in London on 4th September - offering unique insight and angles on the topic:

Consultation Report: End all forms of forced labour in the garment sector

The report from the New Delhi consultation on forced labour in the garment sector, organised by DSN-UK, READ, NCDHR  and Traid, has a strong focus on the Sumangali scheme. The report includes many references to Dalit girls working in forced labour under this scheme. Read the full report here.

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