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Employers of scavengers to face prison
The Indian government is preparing to introduce new legislation to end manual scavenging. The proposed bill includes tough penalties for those who continue to employ people as scavengers.
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New promotion quota for SC/STs
A new bill on quotas has been introduced in the Indian parliament. It will ensure promotions in government jobs for members of Scheduled Castes (Dalits) and Scheduled Tribes.
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Dalits campaign to strengthen law
Dalit organisations are campaigning all over India to amend legislation that is supposed to protect Dalits from atrocities, but in reality has limited effect. With NCDHR as its driving force, the National Coalition for Strengthening the SC/ST (PoA) Act has held consultations in a number of states. Read the campaign material here and click here for the campaign's facebook site.

Bollywood star rejects caste discrimination
In a recent episode of his popular talk show, the actor Aamir Khan focused on caste discrimination and declared it a 'mental illness'.

Bangladesh: Call for law to protect Dalits
Dalits in Bangladesh face severe social injustice, says the chairman of the country's National Human Rights Commission.

Pakistan: Dalits call for affirmative action
The recent wave of kidnappings and forced marriages of Dalit girls had spread fear in Pakistan's already marginalised Dalit community.

Dalit Christian worker brutally killed in Sindh
The Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network demands the arrest of the killers of a Dalit Chistian, who was brutally killed in Sindh Province.

Numerous caste references in US report
In its annual human rights report, the US State Department notes that Dalits in India, although protected by legislation, face "violence and significant discrimination in access to services such as health care and education, attending temples, and marriage." The report also refers to caste discrimination in Nepal, Pakistan, Japan, Yemen and Mauritania.

HRW: India should accept recommendations
India needs a comprehensive approach to eliminatiing discrimination, Human Rights Watch said in a statement prior to the upcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC). Noting "repeated allegations of discrimination based on caste, gender, religion, or ethnicity," the organisation urged India to accept the 169 recommendations by UN member states at the Universal Periodic Review.

UN rapporteurs to speak on 'untouchability'
Two UN special rapporteurs - on water and sanitation and contemporary forms of slavery respectively - will be the key note speakers at a side event on 'stigma and untouchability' at the upcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council. The event is co-organised by IDSN. Read more

IDSN launches new database
IDSN has created a new database containing hundreds of documents on caste discrimination on the social bookmarking service, Delicious. Read more here and click here for the database.

Facebook campaign: End caste discrimination
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