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Dalit flood victims need food, water and medicine

Photo by FEDO/ Kala Swarnakar

Following the devastating floods in South Asia serious concern for Dalit communities affected by the disaster is being reported. IDSN’s members are on the ground responding and monitoring the situation as it unfolds. In this article we bring some reports from Nepal where IDSN members, including JMC, NNDSWO and FEDO, are raising awareness of the situation and bringing relief to victims.
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Dalit women in Nepal enter local government in record numbers

When a record number of Dalit women now take their seat in local Government across the country it is indeed a dream come true. IDSN members in Nepal have been working for decades to increase the political participation of Dalit women, resulting in the 2017 Local Level Election Act  stipulating that at least one of the four members of each Ward Committee should be a woman from the Dalit community. As a result of this over 7000 Dalit women stood for election and thousands will be set to take their seat in local Government this autumn.
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SDGs in action: Dalit women in Nepal

In connection with their participation at the High Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals in New York, IDSN member in Nepal, FEDO, has produced a valuable briefing paper on the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are directly related to the situation of Dalits, and in particular of Dalit women. The paper offers key insight into the relevance of the SDGs and their implication at the national and local level.
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Rights defenders: legislation meant to stop caste atrocities is failing

Dalit and Adivasi Civil Society Organisations from across India met in New Delhi to discuss the status of implementation of India’s legislation to prevent atrocities against Dalits and Adivasis. There was widespread dissatisfaction among participants that key elements of the legislation were not being implemented, and a call was made asking for action to be taken by the authorities in charge.
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27 manual scavengers die in one month – Government must act now

Rights defenders in India are calling on the Indian Government to outline a concrete action plan within one month to end the dangerous and demeaning practice of manual scavenging. The call comes following the death of 27 manual scavengers in India within the span of one month, outlined in a press release by rights NGO Safai Karmchari Andolan (SKA). In response, the New Delhi Government has since imposed a blanket ban on manual cleaning of sewers, saying offenders are to be booked under culpable homicide, which if implemented is an important step in the right direction. A recent NDTV video report also highlighted the work of IDSN member Jan Sahas to support Dalits to break out of manual scavenging.
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Events coming up

IDSN recommendations for the UN Human Rights Council September session

In the context of the reports being presented at the 36th UN Human Rights Council session (11– 29 September 2017), IDSN is urging states to pay particular attention to caste-based discrimination being included on a par with other forms of discrimination. Especially in thematic HRC resolutions on rights to safe drinking water and sanitation, contemporary forms of slavery as well as discussions of UPR reports on India and the UK.
Read the full IDSN HRC36 recommendations here

UK caste consultation extended after pressure from human rights defenders

The UK’s Indian Diaspora community are going head to head as the Government’s consultation on caste discrimination legislation is extended. In several media reports groups that are pro and anti the introduction of legislation against caste discrimination in the UK, are arguing about the impact of such a move.
Read more about the consultation here

Dalit women present at the Asia Pacific Feminist Forum

The All India Dalit Women’s Rights Forum (AIDMAM) are presenting at the 3rd Asia Pacific Feminist Forum under the heading “#DALITWOMENFIGHT! Educate. Organize. Agitate."

The event is on 8 September from 11-12:30.

Follow @dalitwomenfight for updates on Twitter.

Coming up in the next IDSN newsletter: 

  • Dalit women from Nepal joined Dalit women in India for an event organised by AIDMAM focusing on Dalit women leaders, national and international advocacy and building the Dalit women’s movement. The report is set to be released later this month
  • NDMJ-NCDHR launch the zero discrimination in education report following a campaign and events across India focusing on the situation of Dalit, Adivasi and minority children in school in India
  • Follow up on the situation of Dalits following the flooding in Nepal, India and Bangladesh 
  • More information on the participation of Dalit women at the Asia Pacific Feminist Forum
  • More latest news on the struggle to end caste discrimination


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