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IDSN's latest annual report released
IDSN has released its Annual Report 2012, featuring last year's highlights in the struggle against caste discrimination. The front cover is shown on the right, and the report can be downloaded here.

Study: The EU should be caste-inclusive 
A new study commissioned by the European Parliament’s Committee on Development recommends a stronger EU role in the fight against caste discrimination. The study has been well received by Members of the European Parliament.

Dalits affected by 'implementation gap'
The UN Independent Expert on minority issues spoke at a UN event on 28 February of the lack of implementation of laws that are supposed to protect Dalits from discrimination and caste-related crimes.

Caste issues recognised in post-2015 agenda
As the discussion on the post-2015 global development agenda intensifies, IDSN recommends that issues related to caste discrimination be included in this important framework.

India: Dalit human rights defender murdered
Chandrakant Gaikwad, a 30-year old Dalit human rights defender from Maharashtra, India, was shot dead on 12 February. His suspected killer had previously issued threats against Mr Chandrakant for filing an atrocity case against him.

Dalit NGO Navsarjan wins Indian award
The Dalit human rights organisation and long-standing IDSN associate, Navsarjan, has won a prestigious award instituted by The TImes of India newspaper for its pioneering work on Dalit human rights.

NAC makes recommendations on PoA Act
The National Advisory Council, a body that makes policy recommendations to the Government of India, has issued a set of draft recommendations for amendments to the law that is meant to protect Dalits from atrocities and caste discrimination. Dalit groups have made important contributions to these suggested amendments. Read the recommendations here and a news article here

First Dalit and Adivasi women's congress
More than 200 Indian Dalit and Adivasi (tribal) women from different walks of life gathered in Mumbai on 15-16 February to discuss their struggles against discrimination, exploitation and marginalisation - and for emancipation and increased political participation. Read an article here

Rally for UK ban on caste discrimination
On 4 March, the British House of Lords will debate a possible ban on caste discrimination in the United Kingdom. On the same day, campaigners against caste discrimination, including DSN-UK, will demonstrate on Parliament Square in London.

Caste documentary at HRW film festival
Indian filmmaker Anand Patwardhan’s epic documentary ‘Jai Bhim Comrade’ on the Dalit struggle for human rights will be screened at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London on 20 March. IDSN and DSN-UK will partner Human Rights Watch and other NGOs at this event. More about Jai Bhim Comrade

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IDSN Annual Report 2012 front cover
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