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India: Huge Dalit rally planned for November
As many as 63,000 Dalits and Adivasis will participate in a rally in New Delhi on 23 November. Their aim is to put pressure on the Government to amend - and enforce - legislation that is supposed to protect Dalits and Adivasis from atrocities and caste discrimination.

Dalit groups investigate Haryana rape
The gang rape of a Dalit girl in Haryana by a group of dominant caste men and the subsequent tragic suicide of her father is one of the many recent rape cases in the state. The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) sent a fact finding mission to Haryana to investigate this particular case. Read articles on the Haryana rapes here, including one that made the front page of the International Herald Tribune: A village rape shatters a family; The Haryana horrors; Hisar's shame

Pakistan: Protection needed for minorities
Many states expressed concern about the human rights of religious minorities when Pakistan was reviewed for the second time by the UN’s Universal Periodic Review mechanism. Two of them made recommendations on the situation of Dalits.

Bangladesh: UPR submission on Dalit rights
IDSN and Dalit rights groups in Bangladesh have prepared a joint submission for the UN, in which they call upon the Government of Bangladesh to enact a law against 'untouchability' practices.

UK: Commission supports caste legislation
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in the UK has made a policy statement in support of a legal clause that will prohibit caste discrimination. The clause in the Equality Act says that caste could be “an aspect of race”, thus making discrimination on the grounds of caste illegal, but the Government has yet to activate the clause. The Dalit Solidarity Network UK is campaigning for the Government to do so and has accused it of stonewalling the issue.

UN experts call for end to caste-based stigma
UN officials and Dalit activists called on states to address the stigma and exclusion caused by caste discrimination at a side event during the 21st session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

MEPs ask caste questions to EU institutions
Several members of the European Parliament have asked caste-related questions to the EU Commission. In one answer, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, stated that "the EU is deeply committed to fighting all forms of discrimination, including caste discrimination, worldwide."

Public hearing: End caste discrimination
A public hearing on caste discrimination took place in Copenhagen on 29 October. The hearing was opened by the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation who described caste discrimination as one of the worst forms of discrimination. It also featured campaigners for Dalit rights from South Asia as well as representatives of the UN, Danish and international NGOs and the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Al Jazeera highlights 'untouchability'
The caste system and the situation of Dalits in India was highlighted by Al Jazeera’s social media based television show, The Stream, on 24 September. The Indian human rights activist and filmmaker, Stalin K., was among the people interviewed for the show.

IDSN launches new database
IDSN has created a new database containing hundreds of documents on caste discrimination on the social bookmarking service, Delicious. Read more here and click here for the database.

Facebook campaign: End caste discrimination
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Modern slavery in India - cases of bonded labour (Franciscans International)
Compilation of material on the Sumangali issue
(India Committee of the Netherlands)

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