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IDSN on YouTube >>  IDSN has launched a YouTube Channel featuring a collection of videos about caste discrimination ordered in thematic and country playlists
UN: Bills to end untouchability in Nepal must be adopted >> says UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Kyung-wha Kang, during her April visit to Nepal

India’s Prime Minister: Combating violence against Dalits a priority >>  This IDSN news article includes recent atrocity cases and actions by the Supreme Court and National Commission on SC/STs

Nepal Dalit Women rally, chant and get creative for their rights >> Dalit women in Nepal mark the International Women’s Day, the Social Women’s Forum and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Supreme Court: Caste discrimination is holding up India’s progress >>  India’s SC  is pushing law enforcement and state Governments to stop caste discrimination by clamping down on discriminatory practices. Recent verdicts include a ban on using different cups for Dalits in tea shops in Tamil Nadu, cracking down on honour killings and outlawing the use of derogatory caste names. This IDSN article sums up the latest developments with comments from IDSN network members

Dalit millionaires warn that the caste system prevails despite India’s economic boom >> Even a Dalit millionaire in India can’t buy a house for his mother in the ‘upper caste’ part of her village. Despite the economic success of a small fraction of Dalits, discrimination prevails and a top economist argues that in fact discrimination is what underpins India’s economic growth, forcing Dalits into low paid and insecure labour

New Reports >> Report on the effectiveness of the National Human Rights Commission in India by AiNNI; Survey finds that SC/STs are half of India’s poor; Report on Caste Discrimination in the Indian Institute of Technology; MRG Report - No Redress: Somalia’s Forgotten Minorities
More News >> India: Public Hearing & Court Orders on Dalit houses bulldozed by DDA; Ambedkars birthday celebrations; Endosulfan pesticide ban demanded; Dalit student suicides documentary; Nepal: Dalit Women Conference in May and a new book on the Dalit movement; International: Calls for applications from the UN and International Human Rights School lessons on caste discrimination. Read more here and see also press clippings for even more news.
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