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IDSN Annual Report 2013 released
The IDSN Annual Report sums up significant developments in the struggle against caste discrimination in 2013. Download the report on

Member states urged to address caste discrimination at UN Human Rights Council The European Parliament are urging EU member states to address caste discrimination at the March session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC25), currently underway. IDSN has issued recommendations for the HRC25 and Navi Pillay and Ban Ki-moon mention caste in their contributions to the council session. Read the IDSN news story >> and the HRC25 extracts on caste >>

Dalit women in India stage month-long march for justice For a full month Dalit women have marched in India to fight the vicious cycle of caste and gender discrimination that severely restricts the lives of Dalit women and subjects them to violence, rape and violations of their basic human rights in almost every sphere.

IDSN urges post 2015 agenda to specifically address caste-affected groups IDSN is concerned about the failure to recognise and specifically identify caste-affected groups, in the focus area document proposed in relation to the post 2015 development agenda. In her HRC25 report the Independent Expert on Minority Issues also recommends that the post 2015-framework focuses on specific minority groups, including Dalits.

Caste highlighted in UN review of Nepal In the Human Rights Committee on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR) review of Nepal, UN experts highlighted caste issues - read the summary of the caste-related dialogue >>

Equality and Human Rights Commission publishes Caste in Britain reports Two reports just published in the UK confirm that caste discrimination “cannot be tolerated and should be included in the protections against discrimination and harassment provided in the Equality Act 2010” and comment that the proposed sunset clause, “for a non-discrimination ground is legally without precedent and goes against this key differential

Drought in Pakistan kills over 100 children - many are Dalits  Over 100 children have died in this last drought and the Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network have issued a press release calling for action to address the cause of these humanitarian catastrophes in Thar and find sustainable solutions to protect Dalits in future. Read the Guardian news story on this >>

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  • The IDSN compilation of UN references to caste discrimination has been updated
  • A subsection on statements on caste discrimination by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been added to the site on
New films:
  • Unequal Alphabet A documentary on caste discrimination and education (NCDHR)
  • Fandry A critically acclaimed fiction film centered around an inter-caste teen love story
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