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UN expert on extrajudicial killings concerned about "high levels of impunty" in India After recently visiting India, the UN expert on extrajudicial executions, Mr. Christof Heyns, expressed concern about the plight of Dalits in India and called on the Government of India to continue to take measures to fight impunity in cases of extrajudicial executions, and communal and traditional killings.

The European Parliament recommends EU legislation and policy measures to eliminate caste discrimination The European Parliament’s resolution on the Annual Report on Human Rights in the World highlights caste discrimination.

Norway's Minister for International Development speaks out against caste discrimination
In a statement in a leading Norwegian newspaper the Minister for International Development speaks out strongly against caste discrimination and urges international involvement in the issue. The statement came a few days after a hearing on caste discrimination had been held by the Dalit Solidarity Network in Norway, including representatives from NCDHR, Norwegian civil society and IDSN.

Manual Scavenging highlighted by ILO and others in conferences, reports and a hearing In India, the ILO organised a conference to address manual scavenging, a National Public Hearing was held by The National Campaign for Dignity and Eradication of Manual Scavenging, new reports have been released and the media has reported widely about the outlawed yet persisting  practice.

Protest march against diversion of Government funds meant for Dalits On April 24th thousands of Dalits marched towards the Indian Parliament to reclaim their rights to vast funds meant for Dalits, which have been diverted or misallocated, to benefit other sections of society. On the 9th of May, Dalits across several states in India, will also march to put pressure on the Government to ensure that funds allocated for Dalits actually benefit Dalits
Campaign with  petition and videos documenting caste discrimination across India launched The myth that caste discrimination in India is a thing of the past must be dispelled and on the 14th of April, Video Volunteers launched 35 community videos documenting caste discrimination across 12 states in India, to mark Ambedkar day.
Akhdam community in Yemen protest over discrimination and neglect The Al-Akhdam community in Yemen are protesting against rampant discrimination resulting in low wages, horrendous living standards and inequality in access to services.

UPR recommendations: Caste discrimination in India and the UK India and the UK will be up for review by the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism of the Human Rights Council in May. NGOs including IDSN present  briefing material and recommendations related to  caste discrimination.

Dalit human rights defenders need urgent protection says UN SR on Human Rights Defenders The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, Ms. Margaret Sekkagaya, speaks  out against the unacceptable situation faced by those defending Dalit human rights in South Asia.

Dalits still working in bonded labour in the cotton industry new reports find The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and the India Committee on the Netherlands have released a follow up report to last years ‘Captured by Cotton’. The report, ‘Maid in India’ highlights improvements but warns that root problems remain and bonded labour continues to exist in the cotton industry.

Stigmatization of Dalits in access to water and sanitation A report submitted by NCDHR to the UN Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, outlines the obstacles to access to water and sanitation encountered by Dalits in India.

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