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Atrocities and impunity in India

For the past three years, hundreds of human rights organisations in India have campaigned for amendments to - and implementation of - legislation that is supposed to protect Dalits and Adivasis (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) from atrocities and discrimination. The campaign to end untouchability reached a climax on Friday 23 November in Delhi as thousands of activists gathered at a mass rally.
Recent events in Haryana and Tamil Nadu have underlined the significance of this campaign, as atrocities against Dalits continue unabated. This special edition newsletter is published to support the civil society campaign - and document the atrocities.

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Minister promises amendments to PoA Act
The Government of India is planning to bring in amendments to the Prevention of Atrocities Act next year. This will be a significant achievement for the hundreds of civil society organisations that have campaigned for such amendments.

Mob burns hundreds of Dalit homes
Hundreds of Dalit homes were looted and burnt during an attack by a mob of approximately 1,000 non-Dalit Vannyars in the state of Tamil Nadu. The attack took place following an inter-caste marriage, but appears to have been well planned.

Haryana rapes continue to shock
Numerous brutal rape incidents in the state of Haryana have exposed the vulnerability of Dalit women to such crimes. Dalit organisations organised a march through the state in early November to express solidarity with the rape survivors.

Dalit women performing at the rally in Delhi on 23 November.
Charred remains of personal belongings following the mob attacks on Dalit villages.
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