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Finns (residents of Finland) will not tell you they are happy. However, the 2018 World Happiness Report (Gallup) reports that Finland is the happiest country in the world.  Michael Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark says, “Nordic people, and the Finns in particular, are emotionally introverted [and[ happiness is more about living a reserved, balanced and resilient life.”

Reserved, balanced, and resilient. 

The "pursuit of the happiness" is baked into our national bones. Yet, the United States does not even make the top ten of the happiness rankings.  The Finns question the results of the study which places them at the top and, perhaps, Americans should question ranking 18th. Regardless, a question lingers:

What are the "happier" countries doing that Americans are not?

One answer may come from the person described as the most positive person in Finland: “I feel safe here. I feel for sure one of the main things people feel in Finland is safe. We trust each other.”

A blessing:
May you be Safe. 
May you be Healthy. 
May you be Happy. 
May you live with Ease.

Warmly, Sean


three highlights

Sundae Sunday!

Did you know we have an Instagram account where we post fun photos of our life together (and more)?

Click here to check out photos from our Sundae Sunday.

Dick Ransom & Dangerous Women

This August will be our third year of offering opportunities for anyone to talk about an area of passion, to share a big idea, to tell a story, to reflect on a favorite Scripture passage, and even get on a soapbox about an issue worth considering. Each Sunday will feature one or more people talking about everything from the #MeToo Movement to the spiritual value of travel to race relations.

This coming Sunday (August 26, 2018), Dick Ransom will deliver a soapbox sermon titled “Two Stories of Dangerous Women in the Septuagint, as Depicted by a Dangerous Woman from the 17th Century.” The term “Dangerous Women” is a tongue in cheek reference to beautiful women (whether or not intentionally seductive) who are potentially dangerous to men, because their beauty (often coupled with their intelligence, courage and/or moral rectitude) gives them power over men. The two stories from the Septuagint (the Greek Old Testament) involve Susanna and Judith. The stories of these heroic women were brilliantly portrayed by Artemisia Gentileschi, an innovative 17th-century artist who had experienced in her own life challenges similar to those faced by these biblical heroes. Dick’s presentation will include dozens of slides showing how these stories were portrayed by Ms. Gentileschi and other Renaissance and Baroque artists.

Come share your story. Come tell your truth. 

For more info:

9/11 Concert with James Montgomery

Saturday, September 08, 2018 FBC will host James Montgomery and Friends for the annual tribute to Paige Hackel and all those who we lost on 9/11.  

A blues harmonica player, Montgomery has toured with Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, the Allman Brothers, Steve Miller and others. Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band calls him "the John Mayall of New England". It will be another great night to introduce your friends to our corner.

We will pass on ticket info as it arrives.

Learn about James Montgomery here.
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