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You are 5 years old. You are invited to sit at a table and offered one marshmallow. A marshmallow is placed on the table. You are then told that if you do not eat the marshmallow while left alone, you would receive two marshmallows.

This now famous experiment divides us into two groups: those who wait and those who don't. Guess which group becomes more "successful"?

View funny video of the marshmallow project.

40 years of following the kids who participated in the 1972 experiment confirms the power of delaying gratification. "Success in nearly every field requires you to ignore doing something easier," says James Clear in his article "40 Years of Stanford Research Found That People With This One Quality Are More Likely to Succeed".


It's easy to beat ourselves up for not delaying gratification and not being successful enough (who is?). How long is long enough to be successful? Developing this trait is valuable, no doubt, but there is an additional step which moves us from "success" to "wholeness" or "holiness". 

We all know "successful" people who do harmful things to others, have difficulty with relationships and misuse power. The journey to wholeness/holiness requires learning to delay gratification (via spiritual disciples, for instance), but also a healthy dose of Grace.

And how do we receive this grace?

“Solitude is listening to the voice who calls you the beloved. It is being alone with the one who says, `You are my beloved, I want to be with you." Henri Nouwen

Solitude is the practice and it is the message of grace which ushers in the power to transform.

Take a moment today to hear these words:
"You are my beloved, I want to be with you."




three highlights

9/11 Concert with James Montgomery

Saturday, September 08, 2018 FBC will host James Montgomery and Friends for the annual tribute to Paige Hackel and all those who we lost on 9/11.  

A blues harmonica player, Montgomery has toured with Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, the Allman Brothers, Steve Miller and others. Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band calls him "the John Mayall of New England". It will be another great night to introduce your friends to our corner.

We will pass on ticket info as it arrives.

Learn about James Montgomery here.


Sun 9/16 Blue Ribbon & Backpacks

On Sunday, September 16, we will launch into another school year with Blue Ribbon BBQ and the Blessing of Backpacks. Children of all ages are invited to bring their backpacks and receive a blessing for the new year from Senior Minister Sean Witty. A collection will be taken to benefit school-aged children on school lunch programs who need help with meals on weekends. It will be a special day to be out on the lawn.

Sun Sept 23 Open (& Affirming) Mic Night!

A special kind of open mic: an Open (and Affirming) Mic night.

A space for people across age range and ability to come and celebrate a gift they have or want to explore. Although there may be some of that, you don't need to be an "expert" or be on Broadway to come up to the mic. Sing a song, play an instrument, tell a story, perform an act, speak about your art. Anything you are passionate about.

We will affirm and celebrate all ages and abilities. 10 people. 4-5 minutes each.

Read more here:

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