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Drafts Tips #1

Welcome to the Drafts Tips mailing list. Expect to receive a Tips mailing every couple of months with information about using Drafts, pointers to interesting related articles, podcasts and other resources to help you get more out of Drafts.  Ideas for things you would like to see included? Let us know.

Drafts on Mac Power Users

On Episode #257 of the Mac Power Users podcast, hosts Katie Floyd and David Sparks welcomed productivity guru Merlin Mann as a guest. It's a great episode all around, but also includes an extensive discussion of how they use Drafts to capture and act on text. A worthwhile listen for any Drafts user!

New Features: Run Action Key and Keyboard Shortcuts

Drafts 4.2.1 introduced some cool new features for the extended keyboard row in Drafts. You can now create "Run Action" keys that fire an action from your action list.  This is a great time saver if you have a couple of actions you use a lot and want to be able to trigger without showing the action list.  

External keyboard users will also love that keys can now have custom keyboard shortcuts assigned. Read the release post and watch the extended keyboard screencast to get started!

From the Action Directory

Here's a few cool new, ready-to-install actions and keys in the Action Directory:

  • Markdown Footnote: This key inserts a smart Markdown footnote at the current cursor position, and moves the cursor to be ready to type the footnote content.
  • Smart Parentheses: This is a smart () key that will wrap the selected text in parentheses if text is selected, or and open or closed parenthesis based on the last one occurring in the text.
  • Find and Replace: Demonstrates using prompt steps to create a find and replace action which scans the draft for a string and replaces all occurrences with a new string.
  • Post to Path: You may have missed that Drafts added support for posting to the Path social network a few releases back. This is a simple action for posting.
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