Meet the head of Security and March Madness Bargains!

This month

- Find out why our Head of Security Ralph is glad to announce details about our March Madness bargains.

- See how you can get a free energy saving thermometer with any order.

- A look at loads of new products added to range

- Older products popular in spring time.


Get a free Energy Saving Thermometer

Ensure to insert the correct coupon code when you order anything online before the end of March and we will send you out a free energy saving thermometer with your order.

This Thermometer is made by Ecosavers and includes built in marking which outline the perfect temperature for your fridge, your freezer and the perfect room temperature.


New: Rechargeable Bulb

Energy saving bulb which holds charge and can be used mains free for up to 6 hours. Doubles as a flashlight by pulling out an extending base.


New: Motion Sensor Bulb

Energy saving bulb with in built motion sensor so that bulb will only emit light when it detects someone is present in the room. Uses just 6W per hour and has a 50,000 hour lifetime.


New: Smartbell

With a Smart bell installed when someone presses your door bell it automatically calls your landline or mobile so you can communicate with visitor wherever you are.




New: Zerocal Water Descaler

Hard water treatment unit which prevents and eliminates scale on water pipes,boilers and appliances. Alarm signals when liquid needs to be replaced.

New: Under Sink Water Filtration Kit

Kit includes tap and everything you need to ensure that you can drink clean, non-contaminated fresh drinking water direct from your water mains.

New: 3 Stage Water Filtration Kit

Advanced water filtration kit which removes sediment and cholrine and softens the water. 3 Different filters included in kit.




New: Eco Eye Energy Monitor

Probably the easiest to use energy monitor on the market. Will give you a real time reading on what your energy bill is costing you.


New: Eco Eye Smart PC

On top of all features of old energy monitors the smart also allows you to set daily usage patterns and alarms can be set to signal at times of excessive energy


New: Solar Panel Energy Monitor

The latest product from Eco Eye will give you an accurate reading on both the amount of energy your solar panels are creating and the amount of energy you are using in your home.




Top Seller Last Month: Soap Nuts

Probably the most economical chemical free way to treat clothes when washing. 1Kg bag enough for 330 Wash cycles

Spring Favourite: Growgrids

Probably the least labour intensive way to grow healthy weed free crops. Sheets come in variety of different sizes to suit different types of vegetables and plants

Irish Product: Bin Strap

Helps to keep your bin closed even when the wind gets up. If feeling a bit patriotic ahead of St Patricks Day check out our full list of Irish products here.



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