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* Instead of a January Clearance sale we are discounting everything. Get your discount code here!

* Lets talk about bad weather for positive reasons. Its a chance to win some prizes!

* We got loads of exciting new products featured below.

Chance to Win 3 Products

2014 hasn't got off to the brightest start from a weather perspective but here is your chance to win some great prizes from the range. To enter simply tell us which product you feel you would be off greatest benefit during bad weather?


New: Thermflect Radiattor Reflectors
5 Meter Roll of Reflective Foil which can boost radiator performance, provide additional attic insulation and act as a sunscreen in greenhouses and on windscreens. Comes with double advesive tape and plastic discs for easy installation. Price €19.95

New: Draught Excluders
Designed to be placed on seams in floorboards, doors and windows and seal gaps and thus prevent draughts. Comes in two different sizes to suit seams 1-3mm or 2-5mm. 6 Meters per pack (2 x 3m strips )Price €5.95 per pack

New: Eco Kettle Plus
Newest version of Eco Kettle not only allows you to heat only the amount of water required at any one time it also allows you to select the exact temperature to heat the water to. 80 degree for tea, 90 for coffee and 100 for regular boil. Price €74.95




New: Expanding Garden Hose
Expands to three times its size when attached to water mains and water turned on. Retracts back as soon as water is turned off. Easy to store, does not tangle or kink. Comes in  three sizes and with all acessories needed to use immediately. Price from €24.95

New: 5 Minute Showertimer
Hourglass style showercoach timer. Finish showering before all the sand reaches the bottom to break the 5 minute showering milestone.Comes with suction cap for easy wall installation.  Price €4.95 

New: Magnetic Toilet  Limescale Remover
A chemical free way to address limescale stains in your loo. Simply drop into toilet cistern and water will flow freely without calcium carbonate sticking to the toilet bowl. Comes as a two pack. Price €11.95 




New: Road Torch
A great safety device to have in your vehicle should you have a breakdown. Has a super bright 1W LED Light which sits on tripod and 3LED Flashing Orange Beacon lights to signal to oncome traffic that you had a breakdown. Price €49.95

New: Pedal Powered Generator
A heavy duty power generator which can be charged by pedalling or through a mains charge. Includes an in-built 9 LED Flashlight.  12V Internal battery which allows you to select a DC Output of 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 9V or 12V. Price €189.95

New: Professional Grade Solar Charger
Perfect accessory for adventurers, journalists and photographers as it will recharge almost any portable electric appliance. Includes 10 different adaptor tips and a universial camera battery charger. Price €89.95



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