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Dragons Den Products Added to Range

We are delighted to announce that we have added two new products to our range from the recent Dragons Den Series on RTE.

These are the types of products other retailers hate but we love as they help our customers to save money.


Deal of Month: 400W Eco Panel Heaters
Slimeline energy efficent electric heater which costs only about 7 cent per hour to run. Simple to install. Paintable and one of winters best sellers.

Special Offer: Solar Fairy Lights
Available in sets of 100 and 280 LEDs and in white, blue and multi colour. High quality solar product. Great background decorative lighting for barbecues and summer parties.

May Top Seller : Instant Electric Hot Water Tap
A favourite when heating systems are switched off for summer months. No need to switch on heating or immersion to heat a few litres of water




New: Silent Wool Sound Proofing
Three products (for floors, carpets and joists) Leads to 21 decibels reduction in impact sound level. Easy to cut and protects against mould, mildew and insects.

New: Premium Sheep Wool Insulation
Suitable for internal and external wall insulation and on roof rafters. Comes in 8 different roll sizes. Made from 100% Natural Sheep Wool. Superior performance to fibre insulation products.

New: Stove Glass Cleaner
Comes in a 400ml foam spray which effectively removes tough stains and residues on glass of stoves and other fuel burning applications. Less elbow grease required!




New: Blade Saver
Resharpens blunt razor blades used for shaving. Can extend lifespan of razor up to 10 times longer. Featured recently on Dragons Den on RTE.

New: Grate Saver
Steel plate which fits onto fire grate and helps to preserve its lifespan. Also prevents small particles of fuel you burn falling through grate and being wasted.

New: Heat Resistant Spray Paint
400ml aerosal black spray paint suitable for using on stoves, barbecues and furnace chimneys. Resists temperatures of 600°C




New: Glass Fibre Rope (5 Meter Roll)
If the sealing rope on your stove wears down it needs to be replaced or your fuel will burn faster than is necessary. Available in four sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12.5mm

New: High Temperature Glue
Comes as 125ml with a brush for applying liquid. Ideal for using to attach new glass fibre rope. Maintains a strong bond at  1000°C

New: Stove Fire Brick
Designed to replace worn out fire bricks. Can be easily cut to size to suit majority of stoves. High temperature resistance and does not expand.


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