Urge Obama to take action while he still can!
November 2016
Urge President Obama, in his final weeks in office, to take action for a just peace, by supporting Palestine at the United Nations and taking decisive action to stop Israeli settlements.

More than five years ago, Palestine applied to become a full member of the United Nations.  That application was forwarded to the Security Council and remains in one of its committees, even though the General Assembly gave Palestine observer state status in 2012.

Now the Obama Administration has an opportunity to allow Palestine’s application for full membership to move forward. The U.S. could vote affirmatively or abstain on a Security Council recommendation to the General Assembly for member status for Palestine.  A majority of UN member states recognize Palestine already, so the General Asembly would almost certainly approve for full membership for Palestine.

Click here to ask President Obama to support Palestine's full membership in the UN and take action to stop Israeli settlements.
(You can review the prepared message before sending it to the President.)

Israel continues to expand settlements in the West Bank including East Jersusalem, settlements that are illegal under international law. As the settlements grow, the space for Palestinians to live shrinks, the West Bank is carved up, and daily life for Palestinians is crippled.

Continued settlement expansion harms the prospects for peace and undermines security for both Palestinians and Israelis. The U.S. government has repeatedly spoken out against settlements, but it should do more.
ACT NOW, with thousands of advocates sending a united message!
Let President Obama know he has your support for decisive action: to end the expansion of Israeli settlements
and to support Palestine at the UN.
WAIT! One more important thing you can do!
Click here to sign a petition by US Campaign, calling for the President to take action on settlements.
We give thanks for your dedication to justice and peace,
Pat, John, Connie, Paula, Ritchie and
everyone in UMKR's U.S. Policy Committee
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United Methodists for Kairos Response is an international peace movement in the United Methodist Church responding to the urgent call* from Palestinian Christians for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and support a just peacein the Holy Land.  *See "Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth
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