Justice Shopping for the holidays: support the boycott of settlements products and shop "in Palestine" this December

United Methodist Kairos Response
Peace & Justice Holiday Shopping

Dear <<First Name>>,

Our small choices as consumers can make a huge difference in peoples' lives. 

This holiday season, move your passion for justice and peace into your shopping bags - and into others' too!

1. Bring nonviolent advocacy to fellow shoppers: help to grow the boycott of products from illegal settlements.

2. Support the Palestinian economy by giving your family and friends products from Palestine they will love.

There's no time to lose!
to order Palestinian products and let others know what NOT to buy this December.


Sodastream is a carbonation device that allows you to make your own soda at home.  It is falsely labeled “Made in Israel”, but it is really made in an illegal Israeli industrial zone in Palestinian Occupied Territory!
Sodastream has been boycotted throughout Europe, but is widely advertised in the US today. People need to know that companies like Sodastream are an important part of the Israeli Occupation.   UMKR and many other faith groups have endorsed the boycott of Sodastream.

We need your participation to grow the boycott and inform others.  Please don't buy Sodastream products yourself.   In addition....

Click here to learn more and please CHOOSE ONE SIMPLE WAY you can help the Sodastream boycott.

Don't miss the UMKR boycott resources
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Palestinian Products that will benefit local farmers and artisans in Palestine.  There are many sources online for Palestinian products, some that ship from within the US. Click this google search: Palestinian products.  Here are just a couple of sources:

Zatoun Fair Trade Olive Oil and Soap    In their own words:
"Olive oil from Palestine is of exceptional quality and unforgettable taste.  Zatoun olive oil is meant to bring to North Americans the human experience of Palestine and its people, especially farmers who depend on the land and its fruits."  http://zatoun.com

Al-Kahf Arts and Crafts Center in Bethlehem is part of Lutheran Diyar ministries in Palestine. Al-Kahf offers a wide range of gift items: olive wood, embroidery, mosaic art, and much more. They help to keep Palestinian artwork and handicrafts alive, while providing Palestinians with much-needed income.

Thanks for being a peace and justice shopper,
Andrea, John, Theresa, Bart
and all of the UMKR Steering Committee

from our Presbyterian
friends at IPMN

Advent Daily
Devotional 2012

A response to
Kairos Palestine:
A Moment of Truth

Daily advent meditations on 2012 lectionary readings with photos.  This free offering from the Presbyterian Church group Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) engages readers during the season of Light and Peace in the quest for peace and justice in the Holy Land. Share it with your congregations, study groups, and organizations this month.
Download the pdf file at the IPMN website:

tell others about it:



Ring Out Occupation and Apartheid this Holiday Season

The 2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church voted to boycott Israeli settlement products.

This historic vote should encourage everyone in the church to participate in bringing peace and justice to Palestine/Israel by not buying SodaStream

This boycott comes from an expanding national interfaith movement including Friends of Sabeel of North America, Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims for Peace, and numerous church organizations

Click here to see all endorsers and learn more:


Seizing the Mandate:
Boycotting Products from Illegal Settlements
A useful Q & A that answers many questions about the boycott of settlement products:
• How the settlements came to exist and why they are illegal
• How the businesses in the settlements contribute to the Israeli occupation
• Which settlement products are sold in the US....and much more!
Download the Q&A at our website

A short powerpoint presentation that makes it clear why this is the right season to support the boycott of settlement products. Use if for your church groups and organizations during the Christmas season.
We expect to have this presentation on our website in one more day!   Download this presentation »
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