Contact Congress while they debate next years' budget!
Tell Congress: Call for a halt to the massive home demolitions in Palestine and base US aid to Israel on compliance with US law!
In 2016, Israel has demolished an average of 29 Palestinian-owned buildings a week, according to the United Nations.  [Photo: EPA]
The United Nations says that Israeli home demolitions have displaced more Palestinians so far in 2016 than in all of 2015, Al Jazeera reported - and that was just in April! Since then hundreds more Palestinian have seen their homes destroyed.

The Israel human rights group, B'Tselem describes a "a massive demolition campaign waged by Israel since the beginning of 2016" saying that it "imposes a life of constant uncertainty on local residents....Even those individuals whose homes were not demolished live with the constant fear that their homes might soon be demolished and that they will be forced to leave the area they call home."

Join thousands of Americans contacting Congress this week:
Tell your legislators to OPPOSE Israeli destruction of homes and lives and MAKE military aid to Israel conditional on US law.
“Even though every passing day brings me closer to the end of my life,
I’m very pleased that the day went by without them demolishing my home
– this little shed that means we have a roof over our heads.”

Quote from Rizqiyeh ‘Abd a-Rahman Bani Fadel, age 62
The most common reason given for the demolitions is the lack of building permits, but, as a UN report explains, “it is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits in the vast majority of Area C and East Jerusalem."
Photo left: Palestinians watch as Israeli soldiers and Civil Administration contractors demolish their homes in a small village in the South Hebron Hills, West Bank, June 19, 2016. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90)
Photo right: A Palestinian woman sorts through the rubble of her demolished home in village of Surif, West Bank, April 4, 2016. The Israeli army demolished the home because it says it was unauthorized.(Wisam Hashlamoun/FLASH90)
Home demolitions are organized state violence 
In a July 2016 speech to the Knesset about the upsurge of demolitions, Hagai El-Ad, the Director of B'Tselem said:

"First and foremost, these figures deal with human lives. Lives that Israel ruins, deliberately, as part of a broader strategy designed to dispossess Palestinians from vast areas of the West Bank, to make their lives unbearable until they finally take the hint and move, to move them into smaller concentrated areas, to push them out."
ACT NOW! Click here to tell your members of Congress:
the State Dept. must speak to the Israeli government
about stopping demolitions of Palestinian homes and property AND
U.S. military aid should be based on Israel’s compliance with U.S. law and policy, including respect for human rights.
Thank you for faithfully continuing to advocate with Congress,
Doug, Paula, Judith, Judy, Pat and
everyone in UMKR's U.S. Policy Committee
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