Tell others the truth about Sodastream and the Occupation this Superbowl Sunday.
United Methodist Kairos Response

Take action before and during the Superbowl!
Dear <<First Name>>,

The Superbowl is almost here...
coming with the game this year are an advertisement and house parties for SodaStream - a business that supports the Occupation of Palestinian land!   (See info below about SodaStream's role in the occupation.)

SodaStream will have a commercial aired during the fourth quarter of the Superbowl - every advertiser's dream. As part of the ad campaign, they are encouraging customers to hold SodaStream Fizz and Football House Parties.

Instead, many of us will be using this chance to inform a lot more Americans about what is wrong with Sodastream, a company that profits from illegally exploiting Palestinian land and resources.

We shouldn't lose this great opportunity to tell the truth about a never-ending, brutal occupation and how we can resist it here in the US.

Here are some pretty easy actions, each with a specific purpose - so please do as many as you can!

 Sign the petition to support the Interfaith Sodastream Boycott.

 Watch the Sodastream spoof ads on Youtube that advocates have created in response to the Sodastream Superbowl ad.
Choose your favorite spoof ad and start tweeting, texting and emailing about it.  Help these videos go viral!

Starting now and also during the game, TWEET a lot - be part of a Superbowl Sodastream twitter storm! 
With all of us social networking, we can send the message far and wide that Sodastream is part of an oppressive and illegal occupation regime.
So Tweet...and Text and Email!

For your tweets:  #SodaStreamParty and #BoycottSodaStream with your message.
Other possibilities:  #SB47, #BDS, #NFL...
See some good Sample Tweets in the blue column.
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You can hold a Fizzless for Freedom House Party during the game, watch the spoof ads and send your tweets and other messages to everyone you know.  US Campaign to End the Occupation will send more details when you sign up to hold a party.

Having friends over for the game,
or going to someone's home?
See ideas for ANY Superbowl party
at the bottom of this email.


SodaStream manufactures and distributes home carbonating devices and flavorings for soft drinks. Its products can be found in retail stores like Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Costco, and others. The company’s main production site is in the illegal West Bank settlement of the Mishor Edomin Industrial Zone. The company conceals the fact that its products are manufactured in a settlement by using ‘Made in Israel’ labels. As an Israeli settlement manufacturer, it exploits Palestinian land, resources, and labor. 

Companies that produce in the settlements enjoy several advantages including tax incentives, lenient enforcement of regulations, and additional governmental support. Despite SodaStream’s location in the West Bank, the goods they produce there do not serve the local population. Taxes and profits go to support the Israeli economy — not Palestinians.

<<First Name>>,
don't forget to take action: 

  Click to Sign the Sodastream Boycott petition.

  Watch the parody ads; choose one to share.

  Be in the Superbowl Sodastream twitter storm:
Start tweeting others about Sodastream right now and during the game. Use #SodaStreamParty and #Boycott Sodastream.
See sample tweets in the blue column.
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Of course, you can also TEXT on your phone about Sodastream and their Superbowl ad, and send EMAILS.

As always:
  Please use your own Forward button right now and send this to some friends.

  Share this on Facebook and other networks:

Thanks in advance for making this an 'action-packed' Superbowl season and game!

Andy, John, Theresa and the UMKR Steering Committee

Spoof Ad Contest
The Interfaith Boycott Coalition brings together Christians, Jews and Muslims who are raising awareness in the US about Sodastream's role in the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territory.  The Coalition has been holding a contest for SodaStream spoof ads, just in time to parody this occupying company's ad being broadcast during the Super Bowl. 

See the SodaStream spoof ads! >>

The Interfaith Boycott Coalition includes:
• American Muslims for Peace
• Church of the Brethren
• Jewish Voice for Peace
• The Palestine Israel Network of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship
• Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East
• Friends of Sabeel North America
• The United Church of Christ Palestine Israel Network
• The United Methodist Kairos Response
• The Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and
• Members of the Catholic, Lutheran, Mennonite and Quaker denominations.
The coalition is making consumers aware of Sodastream's participation in the occupation of Palestinian territory:
Click here to learn more about the Coalition and the SodaStream campaign >>
Learn more about SodaStream

Visit the excellent Global Exchange site about SodaStream. 

Download a report on SodaStream. 

Read an article with some of company arguments and counter-arguments.

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us on Twitter: 

Sample Tweets
re SodaStream Boycott and Superbowl Ad

If you love the bubbles, set them free. If you love freedom, #BoycottSodaStream. Here's why:

If ur hosting a #SodaStreamParty, make sure u watch these videos:

Sign #Interfaith Petition to #BoycottSodaStream. #BDS

#NFL please don’t support apartheid with #sodastream ad for #superbowl  #BDS

#superbowl ad supports illegal settlement #sodastream, all such are illegal & against US policy #BDS DON'T BUY

Boycott #sodastream, made in illegal settlement, see alternatives #BDS

The #SodaStreamAd You Won't See in the #SuperBowl:


Share the Interfaith Boycott SodaStream petition with your friends, so they can sign.

> Tweet, text, and send emails, especially in the fourth quarter when the SodaStream ad appears. See sample tweets above in the blue column.

>  Make signs to use at future SodaStream actions, which will be happening this year!
Following are some ideas for signs; they come from SodaStream slogans. You can probably think of some good ones of your own:
If you love the bubbles
AND freedom,
The REAL bubbly
>  Watch the spoof SodaStream ads together, then post one or more to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Take pictures of you and your friends taking action on the SodaStream Boycott and share them here:

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