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Whew! What a week it has been as we have continued to settle in here in Carlisle as well as prepare for a trip to Michigan. In just a couple hours, we will be heading out to travel overnight to Michigan for some required mission conferences. We are traveling overnight so that hopefully we can get most of our travel in while Timothy sleeps. Please pray for us...that Heather and I can stay awake and that the van runs smoothly.

This first week is a week of Reconnect Retreat, designed to help missionaries on home assignment reconnect with their home culture. There are sessions for adults as well as teens.

Then we'll be visiting some friends and supporters on Saturday and Sunday.

Then Sunday evening through Wednesday is SNAAC - SEND North America Annual Conference. This is a time of hearing about what God is doing around the world through SEND missionaries. It will also be a time for us to connect in person with Mr. and Mrs. Harder, our future area directors in Thailand.

Thank you for your prayers.

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Tony, Heather, David, Robert, and Timothy
We are PRAISING God...
  • For internet. On July 4th, a nice man came and ran some cable as far as our garage. Tony and he set up the computers in our sunroom and we will have to work to get  full-blown cable wall-drops installed after our landlord gets back from vacation. Suffice it to say, we now have Internet in the house, which means you can reach us at our 717-798… number. This has been so helpful in getting emails done, paying bills, etc.
  • For times of fellowship. We have had a lot of opportunities to spend time with friends and family. This has been a real blessing and we are so glad to reconnect. Thank you to those of you who have made the effort to connect with us.
  • For Timmy’s sleep patterns. Yeah!!!!!!!! He is finally sleeping through the night. What a marvelous thing it is to pretty much count on a full night of rest.
  • For healing. Everybody’s colds are pretty much at bay now and we seem to be on the road to health.
  • For Timmy. On Tuesday, July 14, Timothy turns 1 year old. While our family life has changed greatly with his addition, we have been so blessed by this new little Booklet.
We are SEEKING God...
  • For travel safety. We are leaving tonight (Sunday) around 10:00PM (for ease in traveling with The Squirt) for our trip to Michigan. Please pray that Timmy will sleep well in the car and that we will not have to stop much along the way. Pray that Tony and I will maintain alertness on our trip.
  • For our time of Reconnect. Our mission requires a week of Reconnect which is a “course” on integrating back into our home culture. Pray for easy saturation for our minds so that we can learn all that is needed. Pray for David and Robert, who will have a new group of teens to get to know. Pray for their attitudes as they are missing fun youth group activities while we are away and aren’t really happy about it. Pray for Timmy as this means another huge transition. Pray he will continue to sleep well and will go into the “daycare” the mission provides without a lot of crying and anxiety.
  • For unpacking. We still have a ton to do to settle in completely. With the boys all running around, this will proceed much more slowly. Pray for patience in this process.
  • For reconnecting. We have been back here for 3 weeks and I feel like we have not seen many of you. We would like to. Please feel free to stop by our house in Carlisle (call first) or call us to set up a time when we can get together. You are important to us and we want to reconnect with you as soon as possible. Now that we have Internet, our 717-798… number is working. If you’d like our cell numbers, just drop us an email and we’ll be sure to send them to you.
  • For these spiritual issues in our family. Both Tony and I have been burdened to pray more for the spiritual aspects in our family and I felt that you could help us by ministering to us specifically in this way.
  • Tony: “That he would wait upon the Lord who would renew his strength. That he would mount up on wings as eagles.” (Is. 40:31)
  • Heather: “That God would make me lie down in green pastures, and lead me beside quiet waters - that he would restore my soul.” (Ps. 23:2-3)
  • David: “That he would not be wise in his own eyes, but rather fear the Lord and depart from evil”. (Pr. 3:7)
  • Robert: “That he would hunger and thirst for righteousness, for he shall be filled.” (Mt. 5:6)
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