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As I write this short note at 8:30AM Tuesday, we have just 22 hours before we leave the condo and head for the airport. It seems a bit surreal to be saying good-bye after 8 years of ministry at Faith Academy. While we will miss the friends and people we have met here, we know that God has clearly called us to Thailand and a new ministry. This gives us confidence that He will provide new friends and people to meet. While they will not replace those we say "see ya later" to here in Manila, they will help to fill the void.

We are very excited to return to the USA and reconnect with family, friends and supporters. We hope to see most if not all of you this coming year. We are already scheduled to share what God has been going and the vision He has given us for the future. You can track with us here ( and perhaps you can join us for one of these times.

Until then, God bless each of you!

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Departure for Home Service
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Tony, Heather, David, Robert, and Timothy
We are PRAISING God...
  • For friends. It has been such a blessing to have a condo to use these last few days we’ve been in Manila. Thank you, Jerry and Rosanne, for your generosity in sharing your condo with us. And a big thanks to Bob and Debbie who are driving us to the airport Wednesday morning.
  • For physical healing. Tony’s co-worker, Ferdie, continues to recover. He has not yet been released to return to work, but he is doing much better.
  • That the house is closed up. This week, we were able to move out and into a friend’s condo along with all the things we’ll take to the USA. Tony was then able to finish all the packing of things to store for a year and then ship to Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was also able to coordinate and get everything picked up that people had purchased. He turned in the keys on Sunday afternoon and we were done with that part of our journey.
  • For good times of closure. This week has continued to bring times of closure for us. We had a short time of “good-bye” and prayer with one family last Monday. The boys with some friends went to Splash Island for some water park fun on Tuesday. We enjoyed dinner with other friends on Friday and lunch with a family Sunday. Robert spend Monday afternoon with another friend (who made Robert a knife) while Heather took Pinky to lunch, at the same time that Tony and David went for their last cycle ride.  Monday night closed off with supper and games with some other good friends. It’s hard to say good-bye at times, but it is good to know that we’ll see them again if not here, then in heaven.
  • That Ate Aya was able to come back to work. Ate Aya was able to return to work again for Mon-Wed and this was a big help as we closed up the house. Please continue to remember her for complete healing and for more work for her.
  • For being able to get things done. Yesterday (Mon, 6/8), Tony was able to close our cell phone plans, cancel our ISP at the old house, and close our bank account. He has also been able to submit all the remaining documents to enroll the boys in Commonwealth Connections Academy for their 7th and 10th grade years.
We are SEEKING God...
  • For this week’s schedule and good connections. We are all set to leave Wednesday morning at 6:30AM to head to the airport. Our flight leaves at 12:15PM for Seoul, South Korea. After a bit of a layover, we’ll head from there to Los Angeles, California. We’ll be staying 2 nights at a hotel in LA to celebrate our 21st anniversary (celebrating with a trip to the LA Zoo with friends) and then heading to Ontario, California to visit family, friends and supporters. We’ll return to LA on the 16th for one more night before our flight to BWI on the 17th. Please pray that all our luggage (9 checks) arrives with us and that our flights are all on time. Please pray also for good connections with family and friends in California.
  • For wisdom to know what to do about shipping. Tony was not able to work on this at all. This is one thing he’ll need to work on from PA during our year home.
  • For little traffic on the way to the airport. It is always difficult to predict travel times here in Manila, due to heavy traffic. One person told us that it took them 2 ½ hours this past week and another experienced stopped traffic at 2:00 A.M. Please pray with us for there to be little traffic on Wednesday morning as we head to the airport one last time.
  • For a rental car and a place to store our boxes. Tony has not yet been able to secure a rental car in California. Please pray that he can do that on Tue (6/9). Pray also for a place to store some of our check bags so that we don’t have to lug them around with us in California.
  • For Timmy to travel well. Please pray for Timmy to do well on the airplane. Our first flight is 5 hours and the next one is 12 hours. Please pray that he does both of these well and does not have any screaming fits that would bother other passengers.
  • For these spiritual issues in our family. Both Tony and I have been burdened to pray more for the spiritual aspects in our family and I felt that you could help us by ministering to us specifically in this way.
  • Tony: “That he would wait upon the Lord who would renew his strength. That he would mount up on wings as eagles.” (Is. 40:31)
  • Heather: “That God would make me lie down in green pastures, and lead me beside quiet waters - that he would restore my soul.” (Ps. 23:2-3)
  • David: “That he would not be wise in his own eyes, but rather fear the Lord and depart from evil”. (Pr. 3:7)
  • Robert: “That he would hunger and thirst for righteousness, for he shall be filled.” (Mt. 5:6)
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