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Happy Monday!

(In case you're new to the newsletter: Hi! We’re P2PU, a grassroots nonprofit focused on creating equitable, high-quality alternatives to higher education in public spaces like libraries. Read more about us and our values here.)

Starting this month, we're making two big changes to how we stay in touch with the P2PU community:

First, we're kicking off our new monthly community events schedule. We're hosting 3 regular virtual meetings open to the public: an open forum to discuss topics relevant to learning circles and the community, a facilitator call focused on facilitation practices and experiences, and a user experience (UX) working group to collect feedback and input on P2PU's existing tools and upcoming features.

Second, we're combining our newsletters. For years, we’ve had two distinct mailing lists: a twice-yearly newsletter sent to those who sign up for it on our website (that’s you!) and an every-6th-weekly stats digest sent to those with P2PU accounts. Our aim is to combine these into one monthly overview of stories from learning groups around the world and improvements to the tools that support them.

We hope these systems will evolve as we go, and we welcome your feedback and ideas about how we can best support the work in your communities. Hope to see you soon!

– Team P2PU

Upcoming Events

Wed, July 8th @ 12pm ET
Monthly Community Call
Updates on virtual learning circles during the pandemic
Info and RSVP

Wed, July 15th @ 12pm ET
Monthly Facilitator Call
Share learning circle facilitation practices and experiences
Info and RSVP

Wed, July 22nd @ 12pm ET
UX Working Group
Give feedback on website improvements and new tools 
Info and RSVP

News from June

Supporting Anti-Racism Education
A word cloud with 50+ text responses addressing ways that public institutions can support activism and anti-racism education. The most popular responses are “safe spaces for conversation”, “Amplify Black voices”, “Listening”, “People of color in leadership roles”, “Fact-checking”, and “training for staff on anti-racism."

In response to the global demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality, we met with 2 dozen educators to have open conversations around this question: What roles or actions can public institutions take to support activism and anti-racism education? 

From these conversations, we created a list of resources and different approaches that organizations are taking to create and support space for their communities. See the resource list here.

Updates to the Website

The top third of a sample learning circle sign-up page featuring the title (“Storytelling with Sharon”), a circular picture for the group (an illustration of Hogwarts), and informational details about the group (facilitator name, materials source, meeting information, and location) pinned to the side of the circular image.)

We’ve spruced up and added a few features to our web tools:

  • Learning circle sign-up pages received a big facelift! Along with being nicer to look at, this redesign offers more room for facilitators to describe their learning circle, a profile about the facilitator, and customizable titles for learning circles. See the release notes here or check out a learning circle to see it live.

  • Team pages now support customization. Organizers can add custom images, write text introducing their organization, and see a slideshow of their team members. Learn more about teams or see the release notes here.


Some big news since our last newsletter:
A GIF showing a scrolling view of a handbook about running online learning circles.

Virtual Learning Circles Handbook

We collaborated with facilitators worldwide to write a guide to the best practices for virtual learning circles. See the handbook here.
A GIF of Becky, a white femme brunette, waving then covering her face and opening one blue eye.

We have a new colleague!

Becky joined the team back in April as our new Production Lead. She’s taking charge of communications and organizing feedback to create a better P2PU. Read more about her here.
A virtual "class photo" showing a collection of digital drawings of smiling faces, a sun, and a 4-legged animal.

Learning about learning circles

We recently updated our online course about learning circles. Grif facilitated a virtual learning circle using this course for 18 European librarians (and a guy from Pittsburgh) in May—read about that here.

P2PU Resources

study group by Diego Naive from the Noun Project


Join a learning circle
Communication by Neha Tyagi from the Noun Project


Start a learning circle
organize by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project


Start a team
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