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Ooops! Did Giving Tuesday pass you by? Fret not! You can still help young feminists stay well resourced by giving today, tomorrow and every other day! While we are still in the spirit of giving, we are reminded of the powerful force of merging our resources with one another in order to transcend limitations. Just as a river flows more fiercely when it is well filled, youth-led movements thrive when they are adequately resourced.

As highlighted in the What the Water Brings report, long-term, flexible, core and holistic support to youth-led feminist groups is critical for their development. It is crucial for the sustenance of the work they do towards organizing for climate justice, environmental protection, climate adaptation and resilience, land rights and sovereignty, among many other causes.

A group of many people with their arms connected

As we prepare to close the chapter that is 2021, we want to take a moment to pause and say: What an incredible journey this year has been! We have seen feminist resilience and swift adaptation in the face of adversity taking action. While the pandemic has changed how we collectively do life, it has also invoked alternate ways of existing that have been brought forth and tended to by young feminists. We have also witnessed young feminists fight for the redistribution of care as a movement building strategy that embodies intuition-led action geared towards sustainable livelihoods. You can join us in celebrating these badass feminists by making a contribution to FRIDA in this calendar year. We hope that you will consider becoming a resource ally to FRIDA, and support young feminists to actualize their efforts as living culminations of the work that they strive to do. Water a movement today!

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All of us at FRIDA

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