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An illustration of five young people with different identites: one has an Afro with flowers on it, one has a punk hairstyle, one is wearing a hijab, one is a transwoman and one has Vitiligo. Animation of orange and yellow birds hovering around can be seen against a deep blue and purple background.


Young feminist activists everywhere are grappling with renewed threats to their reproductive rights, ongoing war and conflicts, corruption, surges in transphobic violence and a myriad of other pressing threats to our safety. In this light, reminders to take care of our mental health can often feel self-indulgent. For many activists, the constant drive to keep pushing can provide great fuel to the movements we feel most connected to. However, it can often come at great(er) personal cost. It might feel strange to think about pausing as the world burns around us, after all–we’re the ones dousing the flames– we don’t get to stop. But pausing allows us to do more than put out fires; it grants us the respite to not only imagine the world we will build from the ashes, but also the people we will be. 

This #MentalHealthAwarenesMonth we put together a special edition of 'Link Love' that reminds us to bump the mental health of our communities and ourselves up to the top of our priority lists. There are articles, a playlist of music and videos, some healing workshops and opportunities for activists everywhere, and a whole lot of joy!

Resist, Reflect, and Rest. 

With love,
All of us at FRIDA <3

An illustration showing five young women. One is looking at the phone and looks worried, another is wearing a hijab and comforting them. One is holding a megaphone and looks happy. Another is holding a placard and smiling at the camera. Illustrations of rainbow and stars can be seen all around the background

“Burnout is a sign to slow down. It’s a sign that I am neglecting myself and I am not ‘filling my cup up’ first but rather trying to give from an empty cup.”

- Te Manaia Jennings, 21, New Zealand, An activist: ‘Protecting your mental health and well-being while speaking out

Graphic: Courtesy of Victoria Fernandez / Malala Fund
An illustration showing three women staring at the camera. Their hair is all styled differently and they are placed against a backdrop of green jungle leaves.

“It requires rest and revolution. You can’t have one without the other”

Reclaiming Audre Lorde's Radical Self-Care

Graphic: Art by @kimoon.kat & @melissa_nerovique (Instagram)
Free Mind - Tems
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