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Young Feminist Activists around the world are dreaming in action. By pursuing climate and environmental justice, they are emphasizing that the fight for a liveable world is imperative and your support of their work is critical. They create pearls of wisdom and the water that holds these offerings and teachings from which we are emboldened to embody a harmonious future in the here and now. In light of this, FRIDA recently launched ‘What the Water Brings,’ a holistic reflection based on qualitative participatory research drawing from the wisdom, lessons and dreams of FRIDA Grantee Partners and FRIDA’s institutional donors that support climate and environmental justice work. It is time we listen to the water and the wisdom that it holds from those who are navigating its currents.

Illustration of a person of colour with red thick and fluffy hair that flows into a blue body of water as they carry a string of small fish over their shoulder emerging from the body of water. In the background there are clouds in hues of pink and orange and a setting yellow sun.
StrongGogo, an ecofeminist migrant girl group founded in 2016 in Georgia, and one of FRIDA’s grantee partners, remind us that this planet is home before it is a piece of land to be carved up and squabbled over. “Our Roots are Nature. Nature has no boundaries and in Nature there is a place for everyone.” - StrongGogo
Illustration of a person of color wearing pink pants and a purple tank top. Their hair is long, thick and orange. It is flowing in the wind. The background is in hues of purple with blue text that says 'THIS IS AN OIL REGION. RAIN DOESN'T COME. THE LAND IS OURS. That is why we are planting trees in every home and teaching people the importance of returning nature to our homes.' The right corner of the illustration has two tins containing toxic material, one pouring into another one.
Young Feminists organising for climate change need flexibility; ecofeminists understand their contexts, what they need, and the best ways to serve their communities. We need to put resources in the hands of the communities at the frontline. In Uganda, ecological feminists from Kaiso Women’s Group are at the frontline against oil extraction and environmental damage. Their work straddles the intersections of economic empowerment, environmental justice, land justice and regenerative sustainability.
Illustration of three people, one has blue hair wearing as brown shirt and green scarf and holding a placard, one is bald wearing a green shirt, one has orange hair wearing a blue shirt and green pants. The background has hues of purple, orange and blue.
The only way to halt the climate crisis in its tracks? Understanding that the climate crisis is a symptom of oppressive systems that marginalise women, non binary + trans folks and indigenous communities around the world. FRIDA Grantee Partner, Island Pride, works to empower Chuukese women by fighting against climate change using sustainable aquaculture solutions.
Illustration of a person wearing a tan tank top, their hands folded at their sides, with red long hair flowing in the wind. They are defiantly facing a surveillance camera. The background is purple.
In Colombia, Corporación Sihyta carries out social, economic and cultural strengthening activities in favor of sustainable development. They advocate to the local government for the preservation of threatened spaces like the unique wetlands, “El Burro”, in Bogota which is home to a unique biodiversity of endemic aquatic species. Their organising efforts are sustaining the livelihoods of the members of their communities and strengthening the pushback against dispossession.

The efforts of young feminist climate justice organisers are an essential part of unravelling a better future. Their dreams of a more just and livable world are watering our collective ability to imagine better. The pearls of wisdom that flow out of their work light the path of a more breathable existence. Help young feminist organizers like StrongGogo, Kaiso, Island Pride and Corporación Sihyta usher in this world by donating today. Young Feminist Activists need your support!

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