Hi Friend,

Gifting can be such a joy and yet also add a sprinkle of frustration during the holidays. If you’re still scrolling down Pinterest boards or browsing gift ideas blogs in confusion, fear not, we are here to help! We are offering you the opportunity to spread stress-free holiday cheer through our beautifully designed e-cards. With a dedicated donation, your e-card will be delivered to a loved one letting them know that you are watering feminist movements to celebrate them.

As we navigate unprecedented times, we are continually reminded of the powerful force of collective care and reciprocity. Tending to the sacred practice of survival has been anchored by the teachings and resources brought forth by young feminist movements. At FRIDA, we remain steadfast in supporting young feminist activists and ensuring that they are well resourced and supported in their work. We invite you to make dreams possible by nurturing young feminist activists.

This holiday season, why not spread the joy of giving!? By making a donation in the name of your loved one, you will also be inviting them into to co-create flourishing feminist futures. The best thing about sending FRIDA e-cards to your beloveds? The joy of this is two-fold. Watering two flowers with one hose, if you will. Your loved ones will feel appreciated, and at the same time, you will play an integral role in accompanying young feminist movements.

Thank you for journeying with FRIDA as we #WaterTheMovements! We hope that you will consider becoming a regular resource ally beyond the holidays!

Happy holidays 🎄

In solidarity,

All of us at FRIDA

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