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A new year is here and with it comes a chance to add radical climate action to your 2022 bucket list. Women and girls are already at the forefront of climate justice efforts and they need your support to amplify their feminist demands. Over the past 5 years, FRIDA has supported young feminist groups who work at the intersection of gender, race and environmental justice. During this time, we have learned that their creative activism offers innovative solutions to tackle the climate crisis. You can also support their efforts and #WaterTheMovements by making a donation to FRIDA.

Young feminists have proven time and again their resilience, the ability to adjust to changing contexts, and their power to overpass any challenge that may come in their way. Where do they draw their activist inspiration from? What drives their perseverance? We wanted to learn from FRIDA’s community about their wishes and dreams for the future. So we asked: what do you hope the water will bring for us in the future?

Do you share the hopes and dreams of these young feminists activitists? With your support we can achieve the radical feminist future of our dreams. Being a resource ally to FRIDA directly supports the work of activists who are pushing boundaries, policies and imaginations to be bigger, better and expansive. We hope you will consider becoming a regular resource ally, growing the FRIDA community and supporting us in the years to come.

In love and solidarity,

All of us at FRIDA

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