Water the Movements. What The Water Brings. Animation of a person floating among deep blue waters looking serene.

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This decade is our last chance to take meaningful and impactful climate action. The most vulnerable people in less wealthy countries are bearing the terrifying brunt of climate change’s rapidly accelerating impact. It’s a crucial moment for funders to boost core support to justice-based alternatives. FRIDA recognizes the need to support and catalyse the dreams of young feminists activists whose work is at the intersection of gender, climate and environmental justice. Young feminists, in the majority of countries, are resisting, undoing and mitigating the effects of environmental degradation because the current crisis represents a real threat to their present and futures, their bodies and territories.

In 2017, FRIDA awarded special grants dedicated to six groups especially working in the area of climate and environmental justice. Corporacion Sihyta in Colombia, FKM BKA in Indonesia, Island Pride in Micronesia, Kaiso Women’s Group in Uganda, Rise Up! in Papua New Guinea and StrongGogo in Georgia. They are based around the globe, from the high Andes to the Pacific coastlines. What unites them is the defense, protection and care for water as a key element in their fight towards ecological justice. In collaboration with Colectivo Fósforo from México, FRIDA brings to life the vivid and beautiful dreams and reflections from these grantee partners.

What the Water Brings (with English Subtitles)
“We are multiple bodies, voices and experiences. We connect as currents.” Click here to watch a reflective animation by Climate and Environmental Justice activists from the FRIDA-verse

Young feminist activists should be given the support they need to sustain their movements and lead the radical climate action that we all need. Fostering young feminist leadership can transform the inequitable patriarchal structures that have caused the present climate crisis and carve space for a better and more promising future of safety, security and dignity.