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Young feminist activists continue to organize against some of the most scathing conditions the world has ever seen. With world climate crisis catalysing the urgency to excavate more sustainable ways of being, FRIDA has witnessed an increase in applications from a diversity of youth, women, girls, and trans* led groups whose feminist work intersects with the pursuit of climate and environmental justice (CEJ). At their core, young feminist movements sift through the sediments of all that is constantly stripped away, to lay bare what is needed to restore, rebuild and rebirth critical systems of alternative realities. On this Giving Tuesday, FRIDA envisions a world in which watering these movements, centering care and enabling them to thrive is at the center of the work.

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The work of young feminist organizers requires care as an operational and political lens through which lives and movements can be nurtured. As a funder, FRIDA aims to deepen and affirm the intentional incorporation of care alongside movement building work. FRIDA grantee partners are reaching into the feminist essence of care to provide support structures for one another:

HERstoire Collective from Saint Lucia, is using their grant to support community care with a focus on healing, wellness, security, and safety through supporting access to psychotherapy, culturally tailored support groups, and other alternative healing resources.
In Armenia, Femhouse provides a critical space that unites feminist activism, art, and knowledge. With FRIDA’s support, Femhouse is able to organize discussions around self-care, post-war realities and overcoming trauma, as well as participate in a training on safety and security organized by a queer ally.
Andariya, from Sudan, have a female solidarity group and healing initiative to rejuvenate and revitalize young Sudanese feminists. They are reaffirming that centering care irrevocably transforms individuals and communities, and strengthens the fight for healing and justice.

Ultimately, young feminist organizers are reiterating that care is a concrete sphere of feminist practice where the wellbeing and resilience of those who depend on one another, is pivotal to advancing the changes that we want to see in the world. Care, as a co-happening of movement building work, happens more easily and readily when it is well resourced and supported.

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to enrich and deepen the waters that carry and nourish young feminist movements as a means of answering to the call of giving. Every donation made waters feminist movements enabling them to grow, thrive and adorn the interwoven hopes and aspirations of their work. A better world is en route, help get it here! Donate today!

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