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Trans people have always been a critical part of feminist movements. Trans activism for gender justice has been driving change for all of our liberation, healing, and freedom, even in the face of pathologization, erasure, and dehumanization. Feminist movements have historically excluded trans people, which is evident in the growing anti-trans rhetoric promoted by trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs). Furthermore, we are witnessing a moment of rising global ‘anti-gender ideology’ movements. These rhetorics aren’t just theoretical but manifest into oppressive laws, discrimination, and violence which have devastating and dangerous implications on trans people’s ability to live their lives wholly and with dignity.

As a fund for young feminists, FRIDA recognizes the urgent need for funders to center trans people as the experts on what they need to thrive as well as to move more and better resources to support trans people, particularly those at the margins such as young, black, indigenous and sex worker trans people. With this in mind, FRIDA has developed a ✨Strategy for Resourcing and Engaging Young Trans Feminist Movements.✨ This strategy was developed to support FRIDA’s journey to better resourcing and engaging with trans-led and centered groups, including FRIDA grantee partners but also the broader trans movement. Through it, we hope not only to improve how we, as a funder, show up for the trans movement, but also to inspire other funders in their processes.

Trans feminists have always been a critical part of feminist movements. Pictured are trans feminist activists in Pakistan in a moment of celebration. Photo via Arif Ali—AFP/Getty Images.

Click here to read FRIDA’s Strategy for Resourcing and Engaging Young Trans Feminist Movements

🏳️‍⚧️ FRIDA’s Trans Strategy Framework and Areas of Focus 🏳️‍⚧️

Trans feminist activism is diverse and dynamic in every context and so, this strategy recognizes the need to engage in ongoing learning processes from grantee partners, and to observe regional trends and issues that shape the possibility of creating change locally. This strategy explores some of the main aspects that may have an impact on the state of trans organizing through a political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal (PESTEL) framework. FRIDA aims to build on existing strengths to ensure that we are moving forward in a healthy, sustainable way, through key focus areas:

  • Grantmaking

  • Communications and advocacy

  • Communities and Culture

  • Capacity Strengthening

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Resource Mobilization

  • Holistic Security

  • Leadership

Funders must hold space to uplift trans health, livelihoods, creativity, joy, resilience, and healing. Resourcing trans movements is feminist funders’ responsibility and a political stance that recognizes the historic contributions of the trans community to the gender justice movement. We have moved into the implementation stage of this work, and see this strategy as a living, growing document. As you journey through the dreams of this strategy we hope you consider becoming a resource ally to FRIDA, supporting us in co-creating a future where young feminists in all their diversity thrive. We are immensely grateful to everyone in the participatory process who made this strategy come to life. This includes Dani Priscariu, Trans Strategy Consultant who spearheaded this work, FRIDA grantee partners, advisors, staff, and the International Trans Fund.

In Solidarity,

All of us at FRIDA