Castle Clout arrives for iPhone® and iPad® on September 8th—review copies are available upon request.

Castle Clout Arrives for iPhone® and iPad®

Pre-Release Review Copies Available

Hi, this is Jennifer from Selectsoft. We're getting ready for the upcoming release of Castle Clout for iOS, and I wanted to find out if you would like a pre-release review copy before it goes live on the App Store next week! With over 35 million online plays, Castle Clout was a viral hit before the current wave of artillery games that now includes Crush the Castle and Angry Birds, but has never before been available for iOS. Developed by Selectsoft in partnership with Teyon, Castle Clout for iPhone® and iPad® combines exciting trebuchet action with smooth touch controls, a powerful build-and-share level editor, detailed graphics, and fun enemy-squashing sound effects.

Castle Clout is set to go live on the App Store on September 8th. If you would like a review copy of the game before its official release, please reply to this email or contact Jennifer at


  • Build and Share Levels - Build and share your own level designs! Design amazing structures using different wall materials and defensive objects, then fill your creation with 6 kinds of characters.
  • 150 Levels Plus Unlimited Shared Maps - Earn trophies on 150 challenging levels of medieval mayhem. Plus enjoy free access to unlimited community-created shared levels.
  • OpenFeint Integration - There are 13 achievements to win and global online leaderboards to record your best plays.
  • 2 Control Modes - Choose between classic tap controls and precision directional aiming. Pick the right angle and ammo to inflict maximum damage on your foes.
  • Multiple Types Of Enemies And Ammo - Destroy your foes with boulders, bombs, plagues and more! Knock the knight, kill the king, annihilate the archer, jumble the jester and quash the queen. Just don't mess with the monks!
  • Get the Full Experience - 6 detailed backgrounds, a battle-ready soundtrack, updated physics and fun sound effects put you in the middle of the action.

Since its original web release in 2008, the Castle Clout series has gained many fans and tens of millions of plays. “I was sure that the Castle Clout game mechanic would translate well to the iPhone,” said Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen. “We made a great effort to improve the polish but keep true to the Castle Clout experience.” The new iOS versions take full advantage of touch screen technology by offering both classic tap controls and precision directional aiming. Players choose ammo and angle of attack, and release at the right moment to maximize the damage you inflict. Listen to the agonized cries of your defeated foes while you smash their castles to smithereens! Castle Clout will be available for $.99 for the iPhone® and $1.99 for iPad®.

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iPad screenshot 1
Smash the castles to topple your foes
iPad screenshot 2
Choose your ammo to maximize the damage
iPhone screenshot 1
150 levels plus unlimited shared maps
iPhone screenshot 2
Use boulders, bombs, plagues and mor

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