How do you feel on waking?

Unable to move? Or springing into your morning jaunt?

Can't even remember your own name? Or diving into your latest writing project?

Take a week to notice how you feel in body, mind, and mood when you wake up in the morning. (No step by step ideas for this week --just that it may help to set a reminder!)

I happen to be a morning person. I just wake up, ready to go. And so adding a morning yoga practice to my routine wasn't the greatest challenge. Staying focused at 2pm when I needed to tackle complex thinking was almost impossible.

Years in, I realized (remembered, really) that my mind is far more awake than my body in the morning. I don't feel much need to move my body, but I do feel clear thoughts assembling in my mind!

I was giving up my most valuable mental energy to an activity that, for me, just didn't need it.

I finally got around to admitting to myself that I needed to swap mat time for brain time. And it works. I use my first hours to do what challenges me the most --and also makes me feel alive and ready to take on the day.

Once you've noticed how you feel on waking, you can start to pay attention to your own morning routine. Does it jive or interfere with your waking self? 

The way you wake up --the time of day that suits you best and the activities that you need first-- is unique to you. 

Just because I'm a morning person, I'm not going to tell you 6am is the magic hour. The early bird catching the worm is the effect of society shaping us from the outside in.

More and more these days, as we learn more about how we work, we can cultivate the freedom to shape our world from the inside out. That's what I want for you. 

It all starts by noticing who you are --and what you need to go on being you!

Observing with you,

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