As much as I love mornings, I also love the end of my day.

"End of day" for me usually starts when I arrive home after work. Which sometimes feels odd because I work from home as often as not, but something about leaving and coming back sets me up to wind down. So much so, that I decided I needed to build a habit of wrapping up all of my work and next-day prep while still at the studio, so that when I get home I can relax into that "end of day" feeling. 

That's the ideal day at least. 

Some days just don't go as desired and end on an "off" note. Sometimes because I leave something unresolved or don't have the time for my full wind down routine when it's sorely needed. 

Days that end "off" suck.

Why? Because we have end-of-day rhythms, too. What are they for? A good night's sleep (generally). 

So, if your end-of-day rhythm is off, it's likely your pre-sleep ritual is a little wacky, too. We'll talk more about getting quality sleep next week, but for now, let's get observing. 

Observing How You Feel at the End of Your Day

To begin, recognize which part of your day you consider the "end" of your day. It could be the hour before sleep or the time immediately after work. It could be any period of the latter part of your day that you realize you subconsciously or consciously think of as "ending" the "day".

Then, start observing how you feel (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc) as you head into the end of your day.

Next, you can observe how you feel moving into bedtime/sleep.

Lastly, try not to judge how you feel or what you're doing. As usual, we'll talk about evaluating effectiveness next week!

Till next Wednesday -- I hope you enjoy many perfect days' ends!

Observing with you,

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