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Managing Intractable Conflicts:
Lessons from Moldova and Cyprus

Edited by Mensur Akgün

Stakeholders involved in negotiations would often argue that international as well as intra-state conflicts are difficult to resolve particularly due to the devil hidden in the details. This publication aims to shed light on some of those details and also larger challenges that have made it impossible to agree on lasting solutions for the respective conflicts in Cyprus and Moldova despite the numerous years of effort by the parties involved. In addition to providing individual accounts of the situation in Cyprus and Moldova, this book also addresses the two conflicts from a comparative perspective and offers a set of policy oriented recommendations.

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Foreword on Behalf of Global Political Trends Center of Istanbul Kültür University
By Sylvia Tiryaki & Mensur Akgün

Foreword on Behalf of East East Beyond Borders Program of the Soros Foundation – Moldova
By Ana Coretchi

By Lenka Peťková
Nested Identities: From History Books to the Emergence of a Post-Conflict Generation in Moldova
By Oazu Nantoi

Nested Identities: From History Books to the Emergence of a Post-Conflict Generation in Cyprus
By Sylvia Tiryaki

Civil Society and Transnistrian Conflict Settlement
By Denis Cenusa

The Role of Mass Media in the Settlement of the Cyprus Problem
By Orestis Tringides

Challenges in Leadership and Public Opinion in Moldova: Threats and Opportunities
By Alexandru Baltag

Nesting Stakes: From the Consolidation of Political Cleavages to Institutional Resistance in Moldova
By Veaceslav Berbeca

Challenges to Reunification in Moldova and Cyprus: Between the EU’s Soft Power and Russia’s Soft Force
By Irina Severin

Main Obstacles to Finding a Solution of the Transnistrian Conflict
By Radu Vrabie

Public International Law and the Conflict over Transnistria
By Christopher J. Borgen

Challenges to Keeping the Negotiation Process on Track
By Ilia Roubanis, Mete Hatay & Alexandru Baltag


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April 2013 | Istanbul/Chisinau |

About the Project

Prepared by a team of international experts from Greece, Moldova, Turkey, the United States of America and both parts of Cyprus, this publication is the outcome of the Searching for New Conflict Resolution Strategies: Lessons from the Case of Cyprus project supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations and the East East Beyond Borders Program of the Soros Foundation - Moldova. The project was implemented by the Global Political Trends Center of Istanbul Kültür University in collaboration with the Foreign Policy Association of Moldova between April 2012 and April 2013.

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