Love for Asia & Asian Children's Care lunch to feed the orphans.
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This month, we have a guest contributor. Tesha's mother, Sue Gilmore, wrote an article for her church newsletter in Flint, Michigan. She gave permission for us to republish it. Thanks, Mom Gilmore!

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in ALL the world as a witness to ALL the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14, NKJV).

As Seventh-day Adventists, we are  focused on Christ’s commission to take the gospel to “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6). This can be challenging at times, for there are still regions of the world where little work has been done for millions of people who have never heard of Jesus.

An infamously challenging region is known as the 10/40 Window. If you look on a world map, you’ll find it between the 10th and 40th lines of latitude in the northern hemisphere. It’s a huge area to reach with the gospel, encompassing North Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia. 

In 2012, Tesha (Gilmore) and Daniel Bair, with their 2 children, heard God’s call to reach this area for Christ. God led them to join Jesus for Asia and work as missionaries in the country of Thailand. In the past, their work has centered on creating media to share with the Thai people as well as translating books by Ellen G. White into the Thai language.

At first, it was easy for them to work as missionaries in Thailand, but the laws were starting to become more strict. And the Bairs knew that they were facing the prospect of having to leave Thailand permanently unless they could set up a more legal footing for their work. So they established the Love for Asia Foundation. Daniel Bair now has 4 children and works with Jon Wood from Jesus for Asia as the assistant director for Love for Asia Foundation.

Love for Asia & Asian Children's Care 

One of the goals of the Love for Asia staff has been to have their own studio where they can share health, education, and Bible programs to broadcast all across Asia. Seven years ago, the Bairs’ landlady, Bhukett, and her husband Ian, donated a piece of land toward this project. However, little could be done (due to the huge amounts of paperwork involved because the land had been donated and not sold). But, God has blessed and now all the legal details have been worked out. And in a just a few weeks, building will begin on the Love for Asia studio

The Bairs and the Love for Asia team are also reaching out in practical ways to nearby villages and a local orphanage. In this picture, some of the orphans are eating a special meal prepared for them. Love for Asia helped their friends, Bhukett and Ian, who operate the Asian Children’s Care Orphanage, with food and some presents for the boys and girls. 

All of the orphans are special needs children who have lost their parents or who have been abandoned by them. One of them is six-year-old Mae. Because she was born with a severe cleft palate, Mae’s father did not know how to feed her. At the time, she actually had no roof in her mouth. So he brought her to the orphanage where she would receive special care. Since then, Mae has had several surgeries to correct her palate and was able to enjoy the delicious Thai food at the special meal arranged for them.

Free Food Bags Going to Needy Villagers

In March of last year, Love for Asia wanted to do more to help needy families nearby effected by the COVID-19 lock-downs. They set up a food donation box where villagers could come for free food. But after a while, the team worried that some people who were coming were not actually in need. They were merely looking for a free handout. 

So they decided on a different approach. They have since targeted a few poor neighborhoods nearby, where people live in slum-like conditions. One of these is close to the subdivision where the Bair's are now living. 

The Bairs discovered that people were living and working in simple buildings. The buildings basically have only two rooms. In the front room, a family will run a small business while the back room will be used for sleeping. 

Love for Asia is now offering bags of food to this neighborhood. In each bag, they also pack a spiritual book. The Love for Asia team is able to buy food for this project due to the generous donations that people are giving for their various Love for Asia projects.

How You Can Help

Your donations can help strengthen the media production work of Love for Asia, which focuses on Bible and health related media to spread the love of Jesus. Your donation can also help with the building of the new media studio as well as providing food for the orphans and poor villagers who live nearby. 

If you would like to support the Bairs and Love for Asia in their mission, please send your donation to Jesus for Asia ( Look for Thai Gospel Media/Bair family, or Love For Asia Foundation.

The orphanage, Asian Children’s Care, has no steady donors yet. Ian used to fundraise in his home country of Australia, but if he goes back there now, because of COVID-19, he would not be able to return to his wife in Thailand. Back in Australia, he had his daughter sell his car, which will last them a little while. They really need steady donors. If you would like to help support their orphanage, you can send a check to Jesus for Asia, P.O. Box 1221, Collegedale, TN 37315. Please mark it for the “Asian Children’s Care Orphanage.”

P.S. Please pray for Bhukett as she has been having heart problems lately.

P.P.S Please pray for the Bair family as Daniel's younger brother passed away last month.

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