The new studio building is making great progress! Keep reading to see the latest pictures...
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Studio Building Progress

The new studio building is going up, and the building project is on schedule.

The first task was to build a retaining wall, so the fill dirt would not wash away in the torrential rains of rainy season. 

Some of the fill dirt had already been washed out by the last rain, so they had to do a bit more work with the soil before the foundation could be laid.

One of the tasks to lay the foundation is to dig holes for the pillars of the building. The pillars of the building would need extra support, so they pour concrete in the hole and set the re-rod pillar frames in the center of the concrete, creating the footings for the foundation.

Of course, any proper workplace needs bathroom facilities, so the septic tanks were installed.

A concrete mixer truck delivered the wet concrete when the foundation was poured, after rerod frames were set where the walls would be built.

By this now, the bathroom plumbing and upright steel beams are in place,  and the concrete floor is poured.

Also, they have also formed the concrete pillars and welded the steel frame for the roof.
It's expected to be completed late this fall, so we will send another update before it is finished.

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Daniel and Tesha Bair and kids.

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