The new studio building project is almost completed! 
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New Studio Almost Completed

The Thailand TV studio building project is almost completed! 

This month the construction crew has begun installing a metal grid on the ceiling which will hang lights over the filming area. The studio bay is dark without the lighting grid, and hot prior to the insulation being placed under the roof, but in the eyes of faith it's beautiful progress. 

The builders are also installing lighting in the offices and guest rooms. The tile floor is laid in all the rooms except the studio bay. The goal to finish the building and dedicate the building next month looks like it will be met.

Meanwhile, the Love For Asia video team is diligently creating media content and posting on several Facebook pages: Love For Asia Foundation, All Asia Studio, Love For Thai, Love for Karen, and Love For Hmong. This month, the team recorded a sermon video from a former president of Thailand Adventist Mission. Wanida is regularly posting videos with Biblical topics in the Hmong language, and that page has a lot of followers. Often there are about 100-200 people who engage in watching the videos. We pray these videos will be a blessing to the people who watch.

Also this month, our dedicated team helped with Covid-19 relief. Some villages, and sections of the large cities have really been hit hard economically due to Covid-19 restrictions. For example, in Chiang Mai, some of the business districts that were dedicated to the tourist trade look like ghost towns. The famous Night Bazaar has only two or three vendors. It looks like the Thai people are trying to adjust by getting new jobs. Some have opened shops in the little villages, but if that village is shut down due to a Covid-19 outbreak, those attempts often fail too. The Love For Asia Foundation team gave a food donation for a village which is struggling with severe economic loss in the wake of all this. The people are very grateful for the help!

In our family, we did a bit of personal outreach by a small showing of a 5 part video series on the validity of the Bible (and played together too, of course). Most of the watchers with us were our kids’ friends who are Thai-American. They have one Buddhist parent, one agnostic parent, and Christian grandparents; you can imagine how unstable that mix of worldviews feels to these young friends. The series we watched is a favorite in our family called "Young Explorers". It’s about some kids who explore the archeological evidence related to the story of the Exodus. It was a lot of fun watching the series together, and I hope that the ideas in it will grow their faith.

We are grateful to be able to serve God through the prayers and support of all who are able to do so. Please pray for the flooding in Thailand to go down, and that the mission stations south of us that are already flooded will be okay. Thank you all who read, support, and pray for us!

Love, Tesha & Daniel Bair, and kids.

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