New studio in Mae Sot coming soon! Two baptisms, and more to come!
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Blessings & Baptisms

I just realized a few days ago that I forgot to write a newsletter for the month of March. (I apologize to our faithful donors who requested a monthly update.)

March was a month of mostly administrative duties. Daniel was busy finishing the installation of a new donation system (which he began working on in February) on the Jesus For Asia website. He also did the regular administrative work with Love For Asia here in Thailand. One of the new Love For Asia projects is buying a house in Mae Sot that will be a second studio building! Travis Sharon will be working on building up this second LFA studio.

The kids and I are studying Thai with Khruu Ooy each week. She is a fellow church member, and lately she is teaching me how to read Bible stories. In March, Khruu Ooy showed me pictures on her phone, where she has been giving out Christian books and materials whenever someone comes to her house for business. I’m so happy that she is picking up the thrill of sharing the gospel. Please keep her in prayer, that she will remain a strong witness for Jesus!

Our family had a very exciting Sabbath last week. Our eldest daughter, Nana, was baptized at the Chiang Mai SDA church! Nana says that being a part of the Amazing Adventure series by Doug Batchelor at Michigan Camp Meeting in 2019, and listening to the podcast “Discovery Mountain”, helped her to know that God loves her and cares for her, as well as learning many other things from the Bible. She said she knows that being a Christian is not always easy, but that God is always there for you. Daniel and I have been seeing her faith in Christ growing, and her joy at being baptized was so sweet!

And that wasn't all -- one of our newest LFA staff members, Cindy (who had been baptized before in another Christian church) was baptized last Sabbath also! Remember Ake, a young man who was our first LFA intern? (He is engaged to Cindy, and also has been hired to work with the LFA studio team.) Ake and Cindy naturally were studying the Bible together for some time, and recently Gop and Frame joined them. Cindy wanted to follow Christ in keeping the Sabbath too!

After Nana and Cindy were baptized, Pastor Gus asked if anyone else would like to prepare for baptism. Several Pathfinders and Adventurers went forward, including our Sano and Gigi, as well as a Thai lady (whom I hadn't met yet - her name is Fon and she found our church and asked for bible studies). That made the day even sweeter! The chain reaction of influencing others to follow Jesus is so amazing!

We are also very busy preparing to come to the USA next month. We hope to get to Michigan Camp Meeting, and Faith Camp in Tennessee this summer. Let us know if anyone would like to get an update on our mission (which we will be continuing remotely from the USA), and write us so we can try to plan to come to your church. And if anyone can donate for our travel expenses, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again to our faithful donors, prayer partners, and readers!

Tesha & Daniel Bair, and kids.
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